Saturday, May 20, 2017

How I Got Off All Medications for Ulcerative Colitis! : Lialda, Prednisone & Mesalamine!

By Kelly Granite
Hypnosis works for Ulcerative Colitis.....whenever you feel stressed out, breath with your hand under your ribs until your breath fills your gut, all the way up to the upper gut. And drink mint tea with real mint leaves with every meal. I avoid alcohol, caffeine, and all complex carbs. I drank one cup of bone broth a day until I was well. If you are a vegetarian it's hard to imagine bone both, but it's the best thing for healing the gut from ulcers.

The Raw Food Diet did not work for me, while I was sick--it's too much roughage, but I returned to it slowly, after my ulcers had healed, which took one year, because the medication I was on Lialda, causes Ulcerative Colitis as a side effect. I am thankful to my doctors for getting an extremely bad condition last year, under control. I was bleeding all the time, and could not get out of bed. The colonoscopy showed ulcers in my upper and lower intestines. I had an Extreme case of UC, and bloody diarrhea.

I got ulcers from a bacteria in Egypt. I drank a street vender's mango slushy. Big Mistake! :) I used the diet from "Breaking The Vicious Cycle" which has legal/illegal foods for anti-inflammation —which works!!
I started this diet after I read lots reviews from people who healed themselves with this diet and lots of exercise, which helps you sweat out the toxins.
My heart goes out to you, if you have been given this diagnosis. Doctors treated me with medication to stop the bleeding and diarrhea. I was prescribed 6, then 4 Lialda a day, for life, but I started lowering my dose on my own to 3 pills a day. But, if I had a symptom of urgency for a bowel movement I would up the pills back to 4 a day, and wait and try it again. This took 3 months. I could not go from 3 Lialda pills to 2, per my doctor's advice. She said 2 will not work. So, I tried, 3 every-other-day, for a month, then "NO PILLS" one day, and then back to 3, every other day, I did this transition for 3 weeks, right up to my Lialda prescription running out, and I want to avoid the $1,200 dollars a month cost, so I made a decision to not refill it.

I called my doctor and told her what I was doing. She suggested I use Mesalamine a Rectal Enema, when I felt an urgency, after stopping the Lialda. She called a prescription into the pharmacy for me. And for the first 2 weeks off all Lialda, I used Mesalamine every night, then off and on for 2 months, as a transition of Lialda. I was really terrified, when I had a loose stool, because if it comes back my doctor said it would be harder to get back under control. I felt like I got worse, before I got better, but no blood, so I was hopeful. It took awhile to get a harder bowel movement. What helped is homemade— bone broth out of 'grass-fed cow knees", from Whole foods frozen section. It was disgusting, because I was vegan and a raw foodist. But, it helped, a lot! I boiled the bones for 24 hours and then put the broth in the refrigerator, and the next morning took the fat off the top, heated it up and drank a cup. Later I put it in with boiled organic chicken and squash, NO Potatoes, they are a complex carb and cause inflammation. I felt like I lived on organic chicken soup in bone broth, one large bowl every day for 3 months. If I never eat another chicken again I would be happy! :) But, it made me realize that my body needed the animal minerals from the bones, which my raw food diet could not give me, and the broth healed my ulcers. I also took 1 tablespoon of Psyllium mixed in distilled water Organic India, Whole Husk, Psyllium" first thing in the morning for harder stools. I read about this from others trying to get off medication for UC, and they said it worked. This is why the web is so magical, someone shared what worked for them, and it worked for me as well!

During the transition off drugs, I had to sleep a lot. I was lucky I had no job. Every time I got scared, that I was slipping backwards, I took a nap. I was severely depressed. The toxins from the gut inflammation were leaking into my blood. I focused on healing and breathed through every stressful thought. I said, to my body, you know how to heal yourself. I performed self hypnosis, all the time, seeing myself 100 percent well, and releasing the fear.

It has been 3 months and I am 100 percent free from all drugs. I used 2 boxes of Mesalamine to transition completely off medication, one at night. I have a box of Mesalamine in my suitcase, especially when I travel for an emergency. It is important to never slip back. If I feel a strange stomach sensation, like blooding, or acidic feeling, then I drink mint tea, bone broth and start breathing deeply to control stress. Nothing is more important than my health, without it, I am in bed unable to function. This was a big eye-opener to controlling my stress levels, and learning to trust my body.

I would suggest speaking to your doctor if your planning on changing your prescribed medication, or going off it like I did. Ask your doctor for help, because getting off medication for Ulcerative Colitis is one of the biggest challenges of your life, because the drugs make you dependent on them, so it's more than just faith to pull yourself out of their hold on you.

I am being trained by the greatest Hypnotists in the world, and I will be opening my practice in November 2017, "Kelly Granite Hypnosis" in Doylestown Pa. If you need my help you will be able to come see me and I will have more suggestions which will help you, help your self.

In Conclusion:
It took me 2 months to wean myself completely off the Ulcerative Colitis medication. I went from Prednisone the very first two months a year ago, to 4 Lialda for a year, to 3 Lialda every other day, then every 3 days, until I stopped Lialda all together. Then I used Mesalamine as a safety net for the first 3 weeks, after I stopped, "Lialda".
I have not used any drugs for 3 months and I feel very confident this is controlled now by me.

I also used the diet from Breaking the Vicious Cycle, book. And I still take 1 table spoon, mixed in distilled water of the brand: "Organic India, Whole Husk, Psyllium" first thing in the morning for a firm stool. I also eat raw turmeric root daily for inflammation, which is the natural remedy replacement of Lialda.

My famous doctor at U of Penn, said, they do not know what causes Ulcerous Colitis. They think it's caused by bacteria which is aggravated by stress. The condition can get worse if you are not on a program. Please seek medical advice if you have any symptoms like described. I am not a medical doctor, I am becoming a certified Hypnotherapist.
My GI doctor said, something very interesting, "Ulcerative Colitis went away completely in some of my older patients." Wow, I thought, what does that mean? Did they stop worrying...., which is a characteristic of the very old? This told me what a big part 'stress and worrying" play in this condition. The good news is that we don't have to wait to get old for all symptoms to go away. if we practice deep breathing and self hypnosis.
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Saturday, April 29, 2017

LONGEVITY SECRET #2 - Want to Live Longer? Get Some Friends

“A 2006 University of California study of three thousand women with breast cancer found that those with a large network of friends were four times as likely to survive as women with sparser social connections."

This is my first of 100 Secrets to Longevity!
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"In 2007 Steve Cole and his team at UCLA discovered that social contact switches on and off the genes that regulate our immune response to cancer and the rate of tumor growth."

This is a classic example of epigenetic - the science that shows that, just as important as the genes you were born with, are the changes that happen in your biology based on the behavioral habits you adopt and the environment you put yourself in.

John Cacioppo from University of Chicago reports that 20-40% of older adults feel lonely.
You have to connect deeply with other humans or your brain's alarm system will go off.
“Loneliness drives up the cortisol and blood pressure levels that damage the internal organs.”

In Susan Pinker's new book, The Village Effect,  she found, "Several remote Sardinian villages are the only places in the world where men live nearly as long as women. Everywhere else there is a gender gap in lifespan of about five to seven years. These Italian mountain villages are also home to an astonishingly high number of centenarians of both sexes: proportionally, six times as many hundred-plus-year-olds as in any modern city (in some of the villages the ratio is ten to one)." If we make it to 90, we might want to move here, because I have heard the sex is great! :)

LONGEVITY SECRET #1 — Dress the Age You Want To Feel!

I had this huge realization that if I dressed the age I wanted to feel, my brain would believe this...
So, I experimented with dressing the way I did at age 30. And guess what I felt 30! But, what surprised me the most was that others saw me as younger, and interacted with me with more excitement and interest.

Is it possible, that the idea of "Dressing Like a Mature" woman is aging us?

This is my first of 100 Secrets to Longevity!
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

My day with John Singer Sargent!

I just returned from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where it was hard for me to pull away from staring at John Singer Sargent's painting titled, Mrs. Fiske Warren and Her Daughter Rachel (1903).  I had seen the Portrait of Madame X at the Metropolitan Museum of Art., but I had no idea that his most famous painting had nearly destroyed his career. Sargent had painted the strap of her dress falling off her shoulder, which became a scandal of the time.

When I returned home I read more about Sargent's life, after seeing more of his paintings in Isabella Stewart Gardner's Museum, her Boston Villa. Sargent loved her so much, that even though he had given up painting oil portraits, he painted her. And on her death bed, he painted her a second time in white like a saint. I truly love the way he sees women, soft, gentle and beautiful.
Above is my tribute to Sargent and if you want to join me in touring Isabella's Villa, click her name: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum .
With Love Kelly

Thursday, March 23, 2017

What is a Mono Meal Diet & What are the Benefits?

What is a Mono Meal & What are the Benefits of Eating Mono? 
  1. Eating mono allows the body to find it’s natural point of satiation.  It triggers the satiety signals in the body and prevents overeating.
  2. Eating mono prevents addiction to stimulation, which comes from sampling a variety of tastes.
  3. Eating a mono meal, is easy to digest, which makes this style of eating one of the best for detoxing the body from metals and disease. Each food needs a specific enzyme to digest and when you eat a variety, it complicates digestion and slows it down.
How to eat Mono
The quantity of fruit will vary from person to person.  2 Avocados, my be a perfect meal-size one person, but 3 or 4 for another. 5 oranges may work for one person, but 3 another.
You’ll know that you’ve eaten enough of one type of fruit for a meal when…
a)    You get clear signals towards the end of the meal that you’ve had enough.
b)   You feel satiated for 3 to 5 hours after that meal.
Eat when ever you are hungry and only raw fruits and vegetables, if possible. You can still intimated fast and turn on your "restoration gene" and eat mono meals after. All you do is skip breakfast for the fast period.

Play my video above to see what I ate on my mono meal.
Conclusion – It might seem like a strange a way to eat at first, and you’ll probably get some odd looks, but after trying it it’s pretty hard to go back.  When you experience the lightness, mental clarity and exuberance that just eating one fruit per meal brings, you’ll want to do it again and again. If you try it leave your comment below.

Spring 2017 Try-On Clothing Haul—Free People!

What's hot in fashion for 2017? Well, join me for a "Free People" fashion try-on.
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Monday, March 20, 2017

How To Grow Sprouts at Home!

How to Grow Sprouts at Home—"Sunflower Sprouts" are a complete protein and used at Hippocrates Health Institute to build up cancer patient's immune system to fight cancer. Look for seeds that are high quality, for "sprouting," —  websites like, "".

You can buy mason jars from Hobbies Shop. If you are buying sprouts, instead of growing them remember to wash them before eating them. They leak a tiny toxin out of them as they grow. Even wash wheatgrass before juicing...: Below are the directions on sprouting based on this video and Scott's experience at Hippocrates Health Institute.

How to Sprout

If you are new to sprouting start with beans and legumes such as mung beans, lentils, adzuki, and fenugreek. These are the easiest of the sprouts to grow and your early success will build you confidence. All you need are seeds, water, a one-quart wide mouth Mason jar, and a sprouting lid.

1. Put ½ cup of mung beans in the jar and install the sprout lid.

2. Fill the jar with at least two cups of filtered water and soak at room temperature for eight hours.

3. Drain the water and leave the jar upside down in a drain pan propped at a 45-degree angle to allow the water to drain.

4. Rinse twice a day for two or three days.

5. Harvest when the roots emerging fro the beans are at least as long as the bean itself.

6. What you are not going to use right away can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. We suggest storing sprouted beans and legumes in a green bag with the air removed. If moisture is present, placing a paper towel in the bag will extend shelf life.

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