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NLP- Upset? Why?

Today NLP Marin got a lot more exciting!!
(NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming)

I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw the formula for understanding one of the lessons in the book titled, A Course In Miracles.

"I am never upset for the reason I think."

"Here is the NLP explanation for why I am upset!

Ae means current moment external auditory input
nKr means recalled negative feelings (Kinestetic)
nKc means current negative feelings (Kinestetic)
nTc means current negative thoughts (spinning on an idea)

Step 1. Ae -> nKr
Step 2. nKr -> nKc
Step 3. nKc -> nTc

The brain is creating the link between the external auditory input and a recalled negative emotion because it functions by organizing and creating associations. The recalled negative emotion brings back to the current moment new negative feelings. The current negative emotions create NEW negative thoughts. Therefore the current external auditory input (i.e., the current mom…

My Near Death Experience

About twelve years ago I had a near death experience. I was flying off a ramp in my 911 Porsche convertible towards what looked like certain death. Five lanes of traffic were below me as I began to pray, "God, no matter what happens I want to live, even if I'm in a wheel chair for the rest of my life." My kids were little at the time and I begged to stay alive to finish raising them. I was terrified of leaving them without a mom.

Suddenly, I was removed from my car, in an outer body experience. My life was playing like a slide show, but only the experiences that I was deeply proud of, moments I had made my children truly happy. The person I was talking to was me, but not the me I have known all my life, a Higher Wiser, all knowing me. Showing me what I had done right in life in a quiet, peaceful, and loving tone. I was in pure joy looking back over these moments with my kids. Not one of these moments being shown was related to my work, in the film industry.

Later upon …

What is Enlightenment? Best Answer

This is my story of a diet that changed my brain. When you are on a Raw Food Diet you can't help but love yourself and everyone else. It's the answer to world peace and reverses aging!
Here's how!

I have heard that we should plan ahead for Enlightenment, because when we experience it— we will no longer care for the false reality that blocked it.

Is Enlightenment something we attain or just the removal of the clouds that are blocking our true state? I discovered Enlightenment int he most unusual way, through cleaning my cells. Much like a water fast, but it was a all live diet, with no cooked foods.

Love Kelly Granite Enck  —Author of the wildly entertaining memoir From Hollywood to God on Amazon and Kindle books. Join my seven-year search for God and a Husband! :)

If you liked, The Alchemist or Eat Pray Loveyou'll love my memoir "From Hollywood to God."  Take a peek inside below…. My first stop was to The World Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco. I wante…

Black Mambas Lie!

Dr. Hawkins, MD, Phd and the creator of the "Map of Consciousness," shared a story during his lecture about his friend, who had a Real Black Mamba in a cage. One night while his friend was high on LSD he called their closest friend and said, "My Black Mamba is talking to me. He said I can let him out of his cage and he won't bite me!"

Hawkins' friend replied, "Don't listen to him, Black Mambas lie!"

After which, Doc Hawkins whaled in great laughter.

Facts about Black Mambas:
They are the fastest most deadly snakes in the world.
They can slither after you at 10-12 mph
They can grow up to 14 feet
A single bite can inject enough venom to kill 10 to 25 men.

My husband and I call our egos-- Black Mambas.
I asked myself, why would anyone want to keep a deadly snake in their home? Then I remembered our  egos. We will do anything if we have a strong 'belief' behind it, even if this belief does not serve us. All beliefs create the experience we have…

Is there a Prayer for Money?

By Kelly Granite Enck Om Brzee Namaha is the chant of wealth, to be repeated 108 times. It is magnified if you write it down 108 times while chanting. The idea of this mantra is to activate a higher level of frequency towards your desire without "the" mind/egos thoughts interfering.
What is a Vedic Mantra? Mantras are considered to be divine rhymes composed by the ancient Vedic Rishis/saints in the divine language of Sanskrit. Mantras are energy-based sounds. They are primarily used as spiritual conduits, words, or vibrations that instill one-pointed concentration in the devotee. A Mantra produces a set of vibrations in the surrounding atmosphere and its force depends on the attitude of the person as well as the intensity of the concentration. Mantras are performed through faith and their force can be physically felt.
In invoking the mantra, let yourself submerge into the spirit of this Vedic prayer.

"Om Brzee Namaha"
 "Om Brzee Namaha"
 "Om Brzee Namaha…