My Near Death Experience

About twelve years ago I had a near death experience. I was flying off a ramp in my 911 Porsche convertible towards what looked like certain death. Five lanes of traffic were below me as I began to pray, "God, no matter what happens I want to live, even if I'm in a wheel chair for the rest of my life." My kids were little at the time and I begged to stay alive to finish raising them. I was terrified of leaving them without a mom.

Suddenly, I was removed from my car, in an outer body experience. My life was playing like a slide show, but only the experiences that I was deeply proud of, moments I had made my children truly happy. The person I was talking to was me, but not the me I have known all my life, a Higher Wiser, all knowing me. Showing me what I had done right in life in a quiet, peaceful, and loving tone. I was in pure joy looking back over these moments with my kids. Not one of these moments being shown was related to my work, in the film industry.

Later upon reviewing this event, I realized that none of my bad deeds were reviewed either. Were they not recorded? I don't think so. I think if there is a God, He is US, one with our choices and lessons, in such a profound way that my words fail to describe this perfect justice.

I had a glimpse into the truth about my experience here, and for me, it is a journey where I at the end of my life will judge it. The wiser me, knew which road to take on every trail, I just wasn't listening before to my intuition.

I believe that we are the Judge of our life. Who better to Judge our actions? If there is a God this is the ultimate design, who is harder on you than you? The perfect plan. Jesus said, the Kingdom of Heaven is within. This was my experience.

Here is a peek into the slide show that I saw on my brush with death.

I can't describe the auditory that went with each slide, but it was me at a "all knowing" level which I had not obtained on earth.

One by one, I was shown beautiful memories that I had created for my children.

A camping birthday party in our backyard for my son, complete with a large tent and sleeping bags. All his friends from school were there and he was laughing. I was shown a moment with my daughter where she was delighting in my company as we painted a picture together. Each moment that played brought pure joy to me. My son was at his happiest, a puppy I bought him was jumping all over him, and my daughter and I were laughing together. I ached to be their mom again.

Immediately, I was back in my earth body, untouched, and safely sitting in my totalled 911 Porsche. All the drivers around me were also safe. I knew every second of life was a gift and each moment held choices that were all up to me to make, to have a great life or not.

I have no TV, and don't waste my time of trivial things.

I wrote a letter describing my near-death experience to a famous Scientist, Dr. Dean Radin at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Northern California. He invited me to his lab, asking me to bring lunch and we could eat while we shared ideas. I thought that was cool and found a gourmet chicken sandwich shop and raced to see him! :)

He shared many of his mind-blowing experiments!

And studies on consciousness, things happening outside of the physical world.

Dr. Dean Radin's Random Generators of 0 and 1 have been for years placed all over the globe as a test if global consciousness exists. The numbers are randomly moving all the time, year after year, but become mostly "number one" when the entire global consciousness focuses on love, like Princess Di "right before" her death, or "right before" 911 buildings fell with loved ones in them, or "right before" the Typhoon. The random generators measure thermal noise - in hertz, based on the energy field "before the event occurs" the random numbers become synchronized as mostly 1's and not random anymore. We know what is going to happen before it happens as a collective group of beings, even if we are not aware of this knowledge as of yet. Another famous Scientist is Dr. David Hawkins. He created the first Map of Consciousness. 0 is fear and 1000 is Enlightenment. Hawkins states that our spirits are like corks floating in the Ocean at different levels of consciousness. I would conclude that the level we float at, is solely in our hands.

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