NLP- Upset? Why?

Today NLP Marin got a lot more exciting!!
(NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming)

I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw the formula for understanding one of the lessons in the book titled, A Course In Miracles.

"I am never upset for the reason I think."

"Here is the NLP explanation for why I am upset!

Ae means current moment external auditory input
nKr means recalled negative feelings (Kinestetic)
nKc means current negative feelings (Kinestetic)
nTc means current negative thoughts (spinning on an idea)

Step 1. Ae -> nKr
Step 2. nKr -> nKc
Step 3. nKc -> nTc

The brain is creating the link between the external auditory input and a recalled negative emotion because it functions by organizing and creating associations. The recalled negative emotion brings back to the current moment new negative feelings. The current negative emotions create NEW negative thoughts. Therefore the current external auditory input (i.e., the current moment) did not create the negative thoughts the BRAIN did!

This is an example of event A causing event B, event B then causes event C and C causes D. A did not cause D, however it happens so fast in the brain that it appears that A caused D."

I had my first experience using NLP in short circuiting my mind's 3-step process of associating data, recalling data, and generating thoughts.

My brain took a current moment auditory input and used the Left side of my brain (past memories) to link it to feelings of terror that I had as a 3 year old that were from a lack of security (Step 1). This quickly conjured up current negative feelings that were indistinguishable from the fears of the 3 year old (Step 2). Then the Right side of my brain (creating memories) took over and started creating horrible negative thoughts to go with the feelings that were created by the 3 year olds data (Step 3). This difference today was that I recognized the process due to some NLP discussions that I had with Carl where he said "... What you were afraid of, as a 3 year old is not going to happen to you in your 40's.

All I had to do was tell myself that the data stored from a three year old based on insecurity was not proportionate to what could happen to me in the current moment.
The 3 year old was trying to rationalize the tiny threat as very big. When in reality there was no threat at all.

The trick is understanding that the past data from age 3 used to protect myself then, is being used today in my forties to still protect me, but I don't need three year old protection now and my mind needs the update (this is a bug in the system), like an old computer my mind is running old programs! I stopped the way the data was being processed today before it turned into a CURRENT MOMENT MELTDOWN!!
(Fear is put on our "minds map" and used to process data through to come up with thoughts. This is an example of thoughts being illusions and perceptions based on the data and programming that is now being wired into thoughts :))

I broke my data process pattern by noticing a yuck feeling and then identifying where it was being obtained, my childhood data. I then recognized the bug in my mind linking the 3-year-old data to the current auditory, which now had illusion of fear because of the 3 year olds program. This recognition stopped the feelings of upset within a few minutes, and broke the pattern of fear thoughts creating more illusions!

I suppose it might take a bit more story telling to grasp the impact that occurred, but basically what happens to my thought process is it was interrupted!! WOW! I think this is what NLP is about.

I'm so happy to have skipped a road that my brain has been going down for forty years that I could kiss a frog!

I am a big fan of Dr. David Hawkins, MD, PhD who states,
"Your mind is not your friend!
It will even tell you to kill yourself if you let it."

What is meant by Hawkins statement in my opinion is that "the" thoughts are not something we should be identifying with.
Now you might be saying how does one become a doctor, a scientist of artist with out "thoughts?"....:) This is where it gets HAIRY, as I still do not yet understand all the thought processes yet, but I will as David and I are flying to Arizona in April to hear a new lecture from Hawkins and find out what "thoughts" really are?

Unanswered questions still lurk! But what I can share from my own experience is when I let go of all thoughts; the answer to what I need in any current moment is available.

Maybe remembering information that you learned from a textbook is recalling data and not thoughts.

Everything we are getting in life is what we on some level "expect" to get. This is fact.

I try to stay away from (people, places, or thoughts) that would bring me down. This takes courage because our "historic belief system" from old religions is to Martyr yourself.

To become a deliberate creator— all we have to do is take "full responsibility" for ever thing that is in our lives —even the bad events....on some level they served us.

We can even go back to the past and choose a different path, correcting the past—which will create a new current reality. Most people don't believe this because they see time as linear. This is confusing, so the best way to explain it is if you have skin cancer, you can go back "in your mind" and put on sunblock over and over again on the beach, in the times you did not wear it. This will un-do skin cancer. The present, past and future are all in the current moment. So if you go back to the past in your mind and fix a mistake you made, (for say fifteen minutes), when you come back to your current moment reality  you will find it has been healed. You can do this for all the mistakes you have made in life. This makes for some nice past times...:)  I have found that it works.

In Bruce Hood's book, "The Self Illusion" he explains there is no self, the brain creates an illusion of a "self' to sort through all the data. Basically the ego or self is the Sum of all our experiences, which to me means, that if I want a new "self" I must create better experiences. With each experience the brain re-wires its pathways, and basically creates a new brain. Monks have a brain that sees the world as "blissful" because they have been experiencing 10,000 hours of deliberate bliss in meditation. We all have the ability to have a brain like this, with meditation and deliberate focus.

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Giza, Egypt
Hiking through Bhutan

Tiger's Temple, Thailand
River Kwai, Thailand

Tiger's Nest Bhutan

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The Kingdom of Bhutan!
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