Dr. David Hawkins- 101 Ways to Peace

Dr. David Hawkins, MD, PhD encompasses particle physics, nonlinear dynamics, chaos theory, and his own discoveries about the nature and accessibility of truth.

I worked in the Feature Film Industry for 12 years as a Visual Effects Artist on the greatest blockbusters of our time. Thanks to George Lucas! After finishing the last shot on the film Van Helsing, I went to a lecture given by Dr. David R. Hawkins on his book, Truth vs Falsehood. The Doc said, by just standing in Holy sites they could raise your level of consciousness. His magnetic charm and intoxicating laughter made me want whatever he had. I sold everything I owned, bought a backpack, and set out to stand in Holy sites around the world. My memoir From Hollywood to God is on Amazon books and Kindle. (See photos below) This blog is from Dr. Hawkins lecture on his Map of Consciousness.

What does it mean to be at 1000 on David R. Hawkins Map of Consciousness? Hawkins described Enlightenment as the state of Peace and filled with Joy. This lecture best defines this state.

Dr. David R. Hawkins 101 Ways to Peace from Hawkins Peace Seminar 8-8-09

1. Let go of trying to change and control others. The source of your happiness is solely within you. Peacefulness has to be a decision that you make. It can exist in the middle of war, devastation, and catastrophe.

2. Let go wanting to ‘get even’

3. Let go wanting to be ‘right’ and make others ‘wrong’

4. Practice discernment rather than judgmentalism (Judgmentalism says, “they ought to be different”; discernment sees the essence and truth of a person but without judgment)

5. Be modest with opinions

6. Perfect diplomacy skills and gentility

7. Be gracious and considerate.

( “Here, can I get you something to drink?” Divinity is a quality of consciousness, not personhood, age, gender. It is Divinity that asks you, “What would you like to drink?” Be gracious. That is your God-nature.)

8. Keep serenity as a goal

9. It is okay to be ‘wrong’ or undecided

10. Calibrate the options; be flexible

11. It isn’t necessary to have an opinion on everything

12. Avoid peace demonstrations

13. Remember that Socrates was short and ugly

14. Value wisdom over being ‘right’

15. Seek wise counsel (everybody should have a psychotherapist)

16. Realize you influence others by what you are, not what you do (best thing you can for the world is sit down and shut up! Just having kind thoughts makes a difference)

17. Avoid activism and pedantry

18. Be grateful for your assets (your most important asset is spiritual interest)

19. Mankind has survived millions of years without your help

20. Be your own best friend

21. Be wary of do-gooders (they want to control you—for “your own good” of course!)

22. Read Do-Gooders by Mona Charen

23. Let others win

24. Beware of unintended consequences

25. The innocent child is present in everyone

26. Pray to see things differently—reframe/ recontextualize

27. Accept that the majority of people calibrate below 200 (lower your expectations – they’re doing great just to survive)

(Inner-psychic event: one day walking in the woods, there was a vision of the suffering of all mankind throughout all of time, like the curtain was pulled back. I switched from being very religious, even hyper-religious, to become an atheist and then agnostic. I didn’t realize that what was revealed to me was not Divinity but the ego. It took 20 years to realize this mistake.)

28. ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’ (if they could do or be better, they would)

29. All viewpoints are arbitrary

30. Renew thoughtfulness, gratitude

31. The mind is an ‘it’, not a ‘you’ (the mind talks all the time; that’s ego. Spirit doesn’t talk)

32. Critics are a dime a dozen

33. Review Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Mackay. (latest delusion is earth warming)

34. Keep a sense of humor: cattle gas (methane) vs. gas of 70 million bison as cause of earth warming… If true, earth would’ve been a fiery ball with that many bison roaming around!

35. Everyone assumes they are right and others are wrong (Yogi Beara- ‘I have many struggles but being wrong is not one of them!’)

36. Seek to understand others rather than change them

37. Serve God rather than the narcissistic ego

38. Seek to participate rather than dominate

39. It’s okay to have faults

40. Avoid struggle for the moral high ground

41. Support others to find the good about themselves

42. Concede to ‘what is’ versus ‘what ought to be’

43. It’s okay to just ‘be’ rather than ‘do’ or ‘have’

44. Surrender your will to God

45. Let bygones be bygones

46. If you don’t have anything good to say about a person, then say nothing at all

47. Realize mankind has been at war 93% of recorded history – ‘whirling peas’ is unlikely

48. Acceptance: ‘so there you are’

49. Fatalism- what will be will be – karmic influences

50. Develop a peaceful nature. Be aware of the power of Nature (love nature)

51. See the beauty of all that exists (1 cubic inch of the Infinite Field of Consciousness is greater than the total mass of the entire universe)

52. Value quietude

53. Let go of willfulness; silence the inner child

54. Practice the virtues

55. Recall ‘Peace on earth, good will towards men’

56. Strive to be angelic vs. luciferic

57. Practice ‘no attractions, no aversions’ –Buddha

58. Accept social roles of others

59. Study to understand others

60. The Near-Death Experience is one of total peace

61. Only the ego is vulnerable; the real Self is eternal

After lunch: We purposefully came back late so you wouldn’t feel guilty about being late! Laughter.

To an argumentative person who wants to debate you, you can say, “You’ve got something on your chin…. Is it ketchup? Mayonnaise? Spinach?” Laughter… It throws off their mindset. I learned that in boxing.

62. Live in each instant which is innately peaceful

63. Detach from control; be the witness-observer (it’s not a personal self that witnesses)

64. Practice meditation and contemplation (the witness-observer will then become dominant)

65. Differentiate wants from needs

66. ‘Wear the world like a light garment’

67. Differentiate appearance from essence

68. Be kind to all of life

69. Have pets and a garden spot

(I’m mindful of trees. I don’t sling an axe into a tree – Do you think the tree doesn’t notice that?! Muscle test TRUE: “Even a tree is aware that you are an emissary of God. All of nature knows the Divinity of your essence and bows to it.” I love all things because their essence is Divinity. Like the little toad. He loves being a toad! Hops around on stage like a little toad. All that exists is worthy of reverence.)

70. Decrease expectations of others (no one will be what you want them to be)

71. Mind your own business

72. Make a list of worries (and then prioritize them – that way, the mind relaxes)

73. Chocolate vs. vanilla is imply a choice

74. Differentiate emotional vs. spiritual viewpoints (“Well this is how I feel!” Who cares?)

75. Utilize logic instead of emotion

76. Ask for a miracle

77. Today is tomorrow’s yesterday

78. Talk it over with a friend

79. Accept ‘worst-case scenario’

80. ‘I’ll think about it tomorrow’ (Gone with the Wind)

81. Peace exists in the midst of war

82. Things could be worse

83. Life is transitory

(Death- In the Infinite dimension of time, we’re all going together. Some have gone ahead to get us parking places and put up a sign telling us where to go. Laughter…)

84. You were created by God (Muscle-test TRUE: “We were all created by God.” Ha! And here you thought it was a sperm and an egg!)

85. Go on a worry diet

86. Give up trying to be happy (Just BE happy!)

87. Give up being rich and famous

88. Walk the Labryinth.

(The effect on consciousness is the same if you trace it with a pencil. Muscle-test TRUE: “That is a mystical truth. No one knows the reason for it.” The pattern brings a profound sense of peace. Same with the rosary pattern and prayer wheel. Muscle-test TRUE: “Each of these things brings about inner peace.” Not dependent upon belief or being a Buddhist or a Christian. Anybody can have this result. It’s beyond belief system. It’s a geometric pattern – in mathematics, the Torus.)

89. Do the Rosary

90. Spin the prayer wheel

91. Write a will

92. Take out life insurance

(You have to be real about things. A will and insurance means that your death will serve as a benefit to someone. If you don’t have any relatives, you can take out an insurance policy and leave it to the kitties and doggies at the Humane Society.)

93. Watch TV’s animal channel

94. Bury the hatchet

95. Give up being an adrenaline junkie

96. Quit when you are ahead

97. Let go of greed (rapacious wantingness)

98. Invoke your Buddha-Nature

99. Live in the space beneath thoughts

100. Speak sanely to yourself in the mirror

101. Talk it over with your therapist or psychologist (Smiles at Susan: I have a great spouse!)

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My first stop was to The World Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco. I wanted to understand the science of frequencies, especially if everything in the universe was vibrating to their own unique song! I waited in the large conference room to hear Dr. Susan Yale's lecture on the Harmonic Oscillator. The room went dark and three pyramids projected on a large movie screen.

"You can hear the sound of "nature" between the Pyramids of Giza," Dr. Yale said, pausing, "it's a perfect F Sharp." No one moved. She spoke slowly, "If you knew there was a place in the world where you could hear God, would you go?" I always wanted to swim in the Nile! ~ from my Memoir, (click link—"From Hollywood to God"  Kelly Granite Enck on Amazon books and Kindle.
Giza, Egypt
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Tiger's Nest Bhutan

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