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Women According to Jesus

This is my essay for Bible College. I will forever be changed by this experience.

Women According to Jesus By Kelly Granite Enck
Before Jesus, women had virtually no rights. In the first century, the Jewish law considered a woman property rather than a person. She either belonged to her father or her husband. Women were not allowed to speak with their husbands or strangers in public. They lived literally behind their veils. They were not allowed to study the Law, and at the Synagogue they were shut apart from the men so they could not be seen. When a woman gave birth to a male child she was viewed as unclean for one week, whereas, after giving birth to a female she was unclean for two weeks. Men had long put away their wives as they lost their beauty. Divorce was “only” permitted to men; women had no rights, not even to the inheritance of their home.

"When Jesus began teaching the “New Covenant” the Pharisees attempted to trick him, by asking this question, “Is it lawful for …