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Jerusalem—My Experience!

Jerusalem, By Kelly Granite Enck

On the 17th of July 2007 I arrived in Tel Aviv all alone with the mission to uncover the truth about Jesus. I hurried out of the airport with a large backpack pulling me down and found an English-speaking driver in a white van to take me into the Old City, known as Jerusalem, which was twenty minutes away! In Hebrew the word Jerusalem means, “Abode in Peace” and in Arabic it means the “Holy Sanctuary.”

The driver dropped me off at the entrance of one of the seven gates that opens into the large walls surrounding the old city of Jerusalem, called Jaffa gate! I asked for directions to Jesus' tomb! I was told it’s called, “Church of the Holy Sepulchre.” A shop keeper gave me street names like “David” and told me to turn right and left and right and left…it made me dizzy, so I thought I would just ask people if I were heading in the right direction and go! I imagined Jesus, the apostles, Mary and the crowds having walked my same steps! I looked down …

Revelation in the Bible : Explained

Armageddon, By Kelly Granite Enck
Most of us have heard  of Armageddon, but to my surprise there is a hot debate among Biblical Scholars as to whether or not God really has an “end of the world” plan. The following eschatological events are in the book of Revelation 6-18; the second coming of Christ to take over the earth, the rapture, a great tribulation, the Millennium, the last judgment, the end of the world “as we know it” and the New Earth. The debate is whether these events in the Bible are past, present or future, literal or figurative. And if you accept the “literal translation” of the Bible, then there is even a deeper question lingering, at which stage of the seven years of Tribulation will the Christians be “taken up” to meet Jesus in the air? The debate is over the timing called, Pre- Mid- and Post-Tribulation. The focus of this essay for my Bible Doctrine 2 class is the timing of the “Rapture” and my humble opinion on the end of the world.

I listened to the Holy Bible'…