Holy Spirit Window : Sacred Heart High School in Biloxi

This is where I went to school, Sacred Heart, in Biloxi, Mississippi. The church was completed in 1927. Fifty-four stained-glass windows surround the interior depicting scenes from the life of Christ.

The stained glass windows were created by the Reis, father and son team in 1906 and shipped from Munich, Germany to the Deep South. The dramatic glass hues carried the design of this style, which brought hope during the Great Depression. During the day, light coming into the Cathedral was softened and changed into vivid colors creating an atmosphere inside the Church that enabled people to realize they were on holy ground, in a world quite different from the one outside. At night, when the Cathedral light glowed, the window colors played on nearby streets.

David took me back to visit it today. Nearly the entire city of Biloxi blew away during hurricane Katrina in 2005. My dad lost his home here and everything in it, but this church remained intact. During the storm a Priest named Gregory stayed inside the church praying. The walls began to shake as the wind blew harder. Suddenly, a tiny window over the doorway with a white dove on it, which they call, the "Holy Spirit window" blew out and flew away. This three-foot opening released the pressure saving every single stained glass window from breaking. This was one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the history of the United States; eighty-percent of the entire city was flooded. But, something interesting happened here, not a single drop of water entered 'The Sacred Heart Church.' A brand new ocean front casino had just been completed a few blocks in front of the Sacred Heart Church. When the water smashed into the Beau Rivage Casino, its massive size blocked the church. The water rushed at high speeds around the casino, which protected it from the giant waves of destruction. The Sacred Heart Church stood through Katrina untouched!

I was teary eyed, while remembering being a little girl praying in here. I felt a beautiful knowing that all our prayers are heard.

The Holy Spirit saved my sweet Sacred Heart Church.
It was like I was taken back to the past in order to be given a "new" a better memory of it. It is amazing that God can fix our past in the present. But then again, of course he can, God is outside of time!
How cool is that? :)

I had a dream shortly after I wrote this essay. God spoke to me, assuring me that the Holy Spirit "does not discriminate." I'm in Bible College right now Sudying the Bible, and there is a constant battle amoung all the Christian with regards to their doctorial beliefs, regarding who has "GOD" right.
I'm frankly sick of it, and was thrilled with my dream. If the Holy Spirit does not discriminate, why do we humans?

By Kelly Enck

Under the "Holy Spirit Window" it was so bright we could not capture the dove. :)

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My first stop was to The World Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco. I wanted to understand the science of frequencies, especially if everything in the universe was vibrating to their own unique song!

I waited in the large conference room to hear Dr. Susan Yale's lecture on the Harmonic Oscillator.

The room went black and three pyramids projected on a movie screen.

"You can hear the sound of "nature" between the Pyramids of Giza," Dr. Yale said, pausing, "it's a perfect F Sharp."

No one moved. She spoke slowly, "If you knew there was a place in the world where you could hear God, would you go?"

I always wanted to sleep on the Nile!"

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Giza, Egypt
Hiking through Bhutan

Tiger's Temple, Thailand
River Kwai, Thailand

The Kingdom of Bhutan

Tiger's Nest Bhutan

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