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Gnostic Gospels Missing from the Bible : The Gospel of Truth

The Gospel of Truth: Gnostic Artifact, by Kelly Enck
I spent my entire life searching for God, even went to Bible College, but as I tested the teachings of Jesus with what was written in the Old Testament, I became troubled by their contradictory statements.

In Bible College I took a semester on Pauline Epistles, (Apostle Paul's Letters) and was shocked at how mean the comments were in the (Pastoral Epistles, 1 and; 2 Timothy and Titus) about women. The Opposite of what Jesus and Paul taught. I later found out these three books were added by high-church officials to keep women submissive and out of holding church positions. Historians believe these books were written after Paul's life, there are certain "grammatical peculiarities" in the pastoral letters absent from Paul's undisputed letters.
Ref:1 2 Timothy

The first two centuries after Jesus are called the "lost centuries," teachings about Jesus were undergrou…