Did the Neutrino Break the Speed-of-Light?

Photo by ersc.gov (New Kind of Neutrino Transformation
By Kelly Granite Enck
Is the "Neutrino" breaking the speed of light? We are not sure, because we have no means to measure the unknown reality. 

Alain Aspect was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize in Science for "breaking speed of light" with his discovery on non- locality forty years ago. This is the greatest discovery of all time, breaking Einstein’s rule of Relativity. The principle of locality implies that distant objects cannot have direct influence on one another, and Aspect's experiment proves that what happens to the object, acts on the distant object, without measurable force traveling through space and time. This experiment proved non-locality for the first time, as the basis for all universal relationships.

Physicists from OPERA, one of the experiments at CERN, send beams of neutrinos from the organisation's headquarters on the outskirts of Geneva, through the Earth's crust to an underground laboratory 730km away underneath Gran Sasso, a mountain in the Apennines. They use fancy kit like high-precision GPS and atomic clocks to measure the distance the neutrinos travel to within 20cm and their time of flight to within ten nanoseconds (billionths of a second). The neutrinos in question appear to be reaching the detector 60 nanoseconds faster than light would take to cover the same distance. That translates to a speed 0.002% higher than the 299,792,458 metres per second at which light zaps through a vacuum. Follow up tests will confirm this to be a Nobel Prize Winner and will change everything we once thought to be true.

In the last century.
In the last century it has even been discovered that physical matter is not really solid at all. We have found it is made of molecules and these in turn are made of atoms, which constituted of 99.9% empty space. The little bit of matter that does exist in the heart of the proton and neutron, is now thought to be principally vibrating energy, at least according to the latest String Theory. Indeed, reality is looking more and more ethereal just as the Vedas predicted.

Karl Pribram
Karl Pribram has theorized that our brain perceives objects not primarily through language or images, but by resonating or getting in synch with them. “To know the world is literally to be on its wavelength.”

If this discovery is confirmed, it would mean there are other dimensions to the Universe. The Neutrinos could be going through another dimension to arrive faster-than-the-speed of light. My memoir  "From Hollywood to God"  is now on Amazon and Kindle books! Take a peek below in to the wild adventure...
My first stop was to The World Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco. I wanted to understand the science of frequencies, especially if everything in the universe was vibrating to their own unique song!

I waited in the large conference room to hear Dr. Susan Yale's lecture on the Harmonic Oscillator.

The room went black and three pyramids projected on a movie screen.

"You can hear the sound of "nature" between the Pyramids of Giza," Dr. Yale said, pausing, "it's a perfect F Sharp."

No one moved. She spoke slowly, "If you knew there was a place in the world where you could hear God, would you go?"

I always wanted to sleep on the Nile!"

~ from my Memoir, (click link—"From Hollywood to God"  Kelly Granite Enck on Amazon books and Kindle.
Giza, Egypt
Hiking through Bhutan

Tiger's Temple, Thailand
River Kwai, Thailand

The Kingdom of Bhutan


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