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Minimalism is a Journey

I did not set out to be a Minimalist, but the flood in my home contaminated all of our belongings with toxic mold and made me one. Now, this is what's interesting, as I threw away all my belongings I was surprised by the relief. I had given all the material objects in my life "all the meaning they had" and I wondered if I had used them to define me, who I was, what my past was and what I liked.

At first is was hard to throw away expensive items, and even harder to part with the sentimental ones, like the beautiful painting I did of my children or my Kuan Yin lamp, and my 12-drawer hand-made dresser, which I had saved for to buy. But, as each piece of furniture left I realized I could survive without it. Suddenly a peace came over me. All my collected treasures had been defining me falsely, for they were objects of the past. Now, with my past gone, a breeze swept in freeing me.

I am officially a Minimalist and never plan to go back. My husband David and I have a new apa…