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Are Thoughts Outside The Brain?

“Brain Cloud (2010)” Metropolitan Museum of Art, by John Baldessari.

There is something beyond intelligence, it's courage. It takes more than intelligence to break free from our old beliefs, which we hold onto like addicts. Our beliefs are like opium, limiting us from the infinite intelligence within the Universe. The greatest minds of all time have one thing in common, they had the courage to leave their safe shores. The brain is "not" holding the information of the Universe, "something" else is. No one owns an idea or thought, it shoots into the brain as insight when we align with the wave frequency of the answer.

The world you see, before you laid eyes on it was a frequency of invisible sound and light waves. So, how did you retrieve it into your brain? The visual cortex translated the frequency as light through your pupil to bundles of nerve fibers (neurons) each of which is itself a portion of a cell.There are three types of neurons: sensory neuron,motor n…

Is Hell in the Bible a Real Place? | The Origins of Hell

By Kelly Granite Enck The drawing above is from "The Book of the Dead" in Egypt and it predates the Holy Bible. It's interesting because the origins of Hell are the same. But, it's a nice hell! :) The soul goes through a fire for purification. I have seen the Egyptian tombs with my own eyes, said to be 5,000 years old. And all of the Egypt  painting are beautiful! They showed no form of punishment in any of their hieroglyphics.
"If God Forgives Everything, Why is there a Hell?" 
Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., PhD has a brilliant quote, "Guilt is a trick of the ego, it says,..woo is me." Terror in any form teaches a fictional state. "HELL" is a very real place, but only in the mind. If you believe in Hell, you make it real. I have good news, "Hell" is entirely fictional. My journey began at Bible College, where I studied the gospel religiously. I will present the evidence and you can decide. Remember, what Paul wrote, Test Everything.…