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Dr. David R. Hawkins--101 Ways to Happiness

Dr. David Hawkins, MD, PhD encompasses particle physics, nonlinear dynamics, chaos theory, and his own discoveries about the nature and accessibility of truth.
I worked in the Feature Film Industry for 12 years as a Visual Effects Artist on the greatest blockbusters of our time. Thanks to George Lucas! After finishing the last shot on the film Van Helsing, I went to a lecture given by Dr. David R. Hawkins on his book, Truth vs Falsehood.The Doc said, by just standing in Holy sites they could raise your level of consciousness. His magnetic charm and intoxicating laughter made me want whatever he had. I sold everything I owned, bought a backpack, and set out to stand in Holy sites around the world. My memoir From Hollywood to Godis on Amazon books and Kindle. 

This blog is from Dr. Hawkins lecture on 101 Ways to Happiness.
1. Source is within, not without.
2. Want what you have, instead of have what you want… including your own existence. All that it takes to be happy is the fact that you…