How to Create your Reality through MEDITATION!

"Michael's Quantum City" 
I have everything I have ever wanted in life except for an "Adventure" with my son Mike!
To change this I am working on a quantum physics Sci-Fi book, titled "Michael's Quantum City". Take a look into Michael's Quantum City...We live in a galaxy permeated with tiny particles called neutrinos. Trillions of them stream through us each second. They are everywhere, but much remains a mystery about these particles, which could be the key to understanding our universe.

Those who have challenged our mass beliefs risked being ostracized: Galileo, Socrates, Mandela, Gandhi, Ayn Rand, Jane Roberts, and our ancestors who figured out how to live on Ice. These Agile Thinkers proved humans to be altruistic by nature and courageous. We are being challenged again by our beliefs thanks to the tiny "neutrino" which can move at the speed-of-light— becoming both a wave and particle, disappearing and reappearing! 
It is a "Zoo" to Particle Physicists at the "sub atomic" level, where wave-particle can be simultaneously in two places at once. The idea to build an invisible quantum city with which to interact with in my mind, came to me after reading several books on the human brain and  quantum physics. One of my favorite brain book was "The Self Illusionby Dr. Bruce Hood, published by Oxford Press, and my favorite Metaphysical book was  The "Unknown" Reality by Jane Roberts, which explains the layout of creating a city.

Here is a short description of Particle Physics, by Theoretical Physicist, Matt Strassler: "Not all fields have particles, while all particles are quanta of fields. That’s why the equations used to describe the physics of the standard model are called quantum field theory, not quantum particle theory." Matt also explains what a Quantum Field is— Waves made from Particle.  

"The "Higgs Field" is a cloud, a placeholder with something missing," Matt says. "All Particles are ripples in fields and have energy." While Matt is figuring all this out, we are going to travel into one of these "Invisible Quantum Fields" before science gives it a name and meaning. In the book, The "Unknown" Reality, Vol 2, by Jane Roberts, the fields are said to have CU's, "Units of Consciousness." This concept parallels all of life having a blue print, like cells carrying DNA. Also, the book describes humans as more "field," than physical. This means we are more flexible in our environment, than we are aware of!
Matt Strassler

Michael's drawing of his UAV above Chico, California.

An Electric Field is everywhere, and it has waves, electric and magnetic fields, it is what we call 'Light'.  Light is all Electromagnetic Fields. Particles can disappear, the scientific word for this is decay, but really they only dissipates into particles of another type, muon and antimuon, or up quark and up antiquark. They have lots of options. And what is really cool— is these processes can run in reverse! This means on a quantum level— you can go back in time and alter the experience, which will affect your current physical reality. Try this Experiment: Which I did and it removed my worst habit instantly. Go back in time in your mind to any point— where you made a mistake and turn that area off by picking a new road, and take it in your mind to wherever it leads you. Spend as long as you like here, the longer you stay on this new journey— the more you will see changes occur within your physical reality. Your psyche activates "Electromagnetic Fields," which changes the mistake outside of time. Now look for the change—Expect it: Look for hints in your physical reality, that events in your life have changed allowing for your new creation to form. 

Investigating the subject of the "unseen reality" lead me to The World Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco to hear a lecture on The Quantum Harmonic Oscillator. The room went dark and three pyramids projected on a large screen.

"You can hear the sound of "nature" between the Pyramids of Giza," Dr. Susan Yale said, pausing, "it's a perfect F Sharp." No one moved. She spoke slowly, "If you knew there was a place in the world where you could hear God, would you go?" I always wanted to swim in the Nile. From my memoir, "From Hollywood to God" on Amazon and Kindle books.

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