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Monk for Hire

Meet My Friend, Monk Jamyang Tempa I met this beautiful young monk above holding the snowball a few months ago on Facebook. Yes, the world is changing. His name is Jamyang Tempa. 
I learned about such monks in Bhutan, while hiking through the Himalayas. Monks spend one year alone in isolation to master their minds. I went in and out of these caves and temples throughout Bhutan searching for God. One such cave was the Tanksang Monastery in Paro, Bhutan, known as the  Tiger's Nest. The Majestic Tiger's Nest sat on the edge of a cliff, hanging from the precipice. I'm a big fan of the Dharma discipline. My aim is to learn to control my own mind-- I hope without being alone in a cave for a year.  :) I asked Monk Jamyang to pray for my son, Mike, as a favor for me. My son is transitioning into a new career and being his mother, I did what only a mother would do-- I hired a monk to pray for him. :) 

Jamyang prays for my son every day, and now my son's life looks even brighter!