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Machu Picchu— Secrets of this Sacred Land

The most interesting fact about the Quechua people, the working class of the Inca empire, is that they never allowed negative thoughts to enter their minds. Because the Incas and Quechua people do not remember bad things...we have to guess what happened to the abandoned city on the mountain top of Machu Picchu. It is believed that Small Pox, not the Spaniards, decimated the village. 
The Spaniards conquered the rest of Peru, pilfering gold off their temples and digging up their village homes— to steal the gold buried under them. The Gold was planted under their homes by the Quechua people as a gift for "Mother Earth." 
The Quechua were great farmers and still today live happy peaceful lives—despite their history. Machu Picchu has remained Sacred and is worth a trip to visit this beautiful location nestled in the Mountains with the winding Urubamba River running like a snake below. It is truly breath-taking to stand on the highest peak "Wayna Picchu" and touch the roc…