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Bruce Hood: The Self Illusion: How Your Brain Creates You

I really loved Bruce Hood's book, The Self Illusion. If you want to re-establish the idea of “Self Empowering” this book is for you. The awareness that we call the "Self" is an illusion, created by the brain.

Our brain created this experience of a separate "Self" to handle the billions of pieces of sensory data that we take in every second. When we are brave enough to give up this ego or self, we become liberated from our thoughts, which are in constant protest and judging people, mostly ourselves. The brain created the "self" for a very good reason, so that our species could work together to survive. Bruce Hood states that the “self” is really just the SUM of all our experiences and with each new experience the brain becomes, to a degree, a "new structure" or architected awareness - healthier or unhealthier, depending on what our brain is exposed to: (Love, Toxins, Depression, Nurture, Neglect, Pesticides, Organic ). This is not a simple r…