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How to Create a Zen Home

By Kelly Granite Enck I have replaced worrying with "humor," this came about while remodeling our new condo.  I was so stressed out over the problems that rose up that I started eating fast while driving. Suddenly, a  Brazilian Nut lodged in my throat.  I could not breathe and began panicking. I raced to the nearest gas station while imagining my death was near, and at the funeral they were taking abut it.
"Did you hear?" "Kelly died yesterday. She chocked on a Brazilian Nut."

 I pulled up in front of a gas station, left the car running and ran in. I reached for my throat showing the gas attendant that I was choking.  The large woman behind the counter stood looking at me puzzled as she continued to eat her hot dog. I took a cup from the soda fountain and filled it with water. I started to drink it, and then barely made out the words, I'm choking on a nut. She laughed. I whispered struggling to speak, "I think you need to dial, 911." She ate ca…