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Is The Air In Your Home Safe?

By Kelly Granite Enck

Ten Solutions to Save Air in your HOME.
Nearly every U.S. Air Conditioner and Ducts have "Fiberglass" insulation in them. When they become old, the fiberglass may become loose and float invisible glass fibers into your air. What's worse, you and your family could be breathing them, and chronic exposure could cause Lung Cancer!
Look for A/C filters that capture tiny particles-an example would be the Walmart  Filtrete 1200 Allergen Reduction Filter.  10-25 dollars.

The pink stuff that looks like cotton candy, is dangerous fiberglass, the Pink Panther of insulation, and it comes in batts and blankets. It has long held a pseudo-monopoly in residential insulation, but its negative aspects are beginning to catch up with it. Fiberglass is a health hazard, has been connected with black mold, and is difficult to work with – yet it is still the cheapest choice in today’s market.

The problem is that fiberglass is similar in structure to asbestos (made up of tiny li…