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Menopause Hot Flashes may kill cancer : Cancer cannot live in Hot Cells!

Menopause Hot Flashes may prevent cancer— because cancer cannot grow in heat. Medical reports also state that woman who suffer through night sweats and hot flashes have lower risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and death. (1)  And if you are not a woman, you can try eating Hot Peppers! According to a study at Cedar Sinai Medical Centerthe chili peppers or cayenne pepper, which has capsaicin makes prostate cancer cells commit suicide!

After putting these wild pieces of the "cancer" puzzle together, I have decided to avoid "hormone replacements" and enjoy Hot Flashes. I feel strongly that nature's method of heating up our body happens for a logical reason. And to strengthen this theory— there is no medical evidence that hormone replacements are good for you, or that they prevents any medical condition from occurring. In fact, there is evidence that hot flashes are not only good for woman, but also for men, who have cancer! 
Dr. Max Gerson ("The Gerson Thera…