Menopause Hot Flashes may kill cancer : Cancer cannot live in Hot Cells!

Menopause Hot Flashes may prevent cancer— because cancer cannot grow in heat. Medical reports also state that woman who suffer through night sweats and hot flashes have lower risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and death. (1)  And if you are not a woman, you can try eating Hot Peppers! According to a study at Cedar Sinai Medical Center the chili peppers or cayenne pepper, which has capsaicin makes prostate cancer cells commit suicide!

After putting these wild pieces of the "cancer" puzzle together, I have decided to avoid "hormone replacements" and enjoy Hot Flashes. I feel strongly that nature's method of heating up our body happens for a logical reason. And to strengthen this theory— there is no medical evidence that hormone replacements are good for you, or that they prevents any medical condition from occurring. In fact, there is evidence that hot flashes are not only good for woman, but also for men, who have cancer! 

Dr. Max Gerson ( "The Gerson Therapy")  was a German doctor who discovered that he could cure his cancer patients with juicing and heat. He believed that when the human temperature drops below  98-99 °F  cancer can incubate, and it's this low temperature, lack of nutrients, excessive sugar and salt that cancer thrives on. One of the vitamins Dr. Gerson recommended to his cancer patients was Niacin. This creates something called the Niacin Flush, which heats up the entire body, helping to kill the process of cancer growth. 

Research studies :  Hyperthermia in Cancer Treatments They heat up patients to kill the cancer, which is a replica of our natural Hot Flashes!  Cancer cells thrive on sugar-- their energy and they love a body under "stress."Determine not to worry and build up a strong immune system by starting a juice fast.  I came to this understanding while reading Dr. Max Gerson's book, "Gerson Therapy" and having a menopause hot flash…"Aha!" I said, "Hot Flashes are Good for you!"  Our body knows how to heal its self, remember when you scrapped your knee? Also there is evidence that when you are sick the "fever" is fighting the infection.
What is Menopause? Around the age of 45-50, most women stop ovulating and their menstrual period stops. This is the beginning stage of  that scary word: Menopause!  When Menopause started for me, I, like most women began drinking wine! I felt much better after the first glass, but one glass of wine was not enough to cure me from aging. So, I stopped drinking and traded my wine for wheatgrass shots and green leaf smoothies. This cured my depression, which helped me enjoyed being Hot!!

I did however find myself at the doctor's office with a lung infection do to invisible insulation fiberglass fibers flying in the air during my condo's remodel..... I told my doctor about my "menopause".

He said, "I would suggested that you go on hormone replacements."

I protested, "Isn't it true that 50 percent of the women on hormone replacement get Cancer?" 

"Yes!" he said, "but it's all a matter of quality of life. If you want to feel horny again and happy now, then you'll need to take the medication." 

I laughed and said, "no thanks, I'll fake it!" 

He laughed even harder back, and the poor young nurse in the room observing us, looked horrified!

I smiled, assuring her... that it would be ok. 
Within six months, I had mastered by hot flashes, by accepting them as good, and I had learned to handle the middle of the night, "worrying." I told my worries to come back for their 9am appointment in the morning, which they never showed up for. :) I listened to my body, seeking to find it's deep inner tone, which is unique to each individual.  I figured out that my body was taking orders from my fears or my confidence in it. The body takes it's direction from our psyche  After my first Ah, Ha Moment several more followed, and now I am a "naturalist" who enjoys being Hot!!
What causes cancer list:
  • Prolonged use of the Pill, and estrogen replacement therapy.
  • Prolonged consumption of milk from cows injected with a genetically engineered growth hormone to increase milk production. This milk is contaminated with high levels of a natural growth factor, which increases risks of breast cancer by up to seven-fold.
  • High consumption of meat, as it is contaminated with potent natural or synthetic estrogens. These are routinely implanted in cattle before entry into feedlots, about 100 days prior to slaughter, to increase muscle mass and profits for the meat industry.
  • Prolonged exposure to a wide range of hormonal ingredients in conventional cosmetics and personal care products.
  • Living near hazardous waste sites, petrochemical plants, power lines, and nuclear plants.
  • Two days ago, I discovered that my underwire bra was a live antenna circulating electric pollution inside my soft breasts— like soup. "The underwires in the bra were acting as a slave antenna re-broadcasting RF (radio frequency) directly into the breast. This would tend to act as a promoter of any cancerous cells in the breast." ~ Dr. John Holt.  Oddly, all my bras had an "underwire!

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