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The Nature of Personal Reality, by Jane Roberts (Seth book)

I read, "Seth Speaks" when I was a young girl, but lost track of the teachings in my tumultuous adolescent years.  As an adult I started a family and career, but found no deep meaning. After traveling the world in search of God, I some how remembered "Seth Speaks" and ordered another book in the series, The Nature of Personal Reality. This book is all you need in life to uncover the power to create your reality as you wish it to be. Everything now makes sense. We have the power to create our own reality, but the trick is much of it is second hand, a mass creation, due to the beliefs of the masses passed down. If we can trust our dreams to give us messages and those deep inner tones within us and dig through every "Core Belief" and label them as limiting or not, then we can uncover the truth of what we are creating in this reality.  I have been working on the exercises from these books, and have begun to match up, what shows up in my reality with the type …