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Michael's Quantum City

We live in a galaxy permeated with tiny particles called neutrinos. Trillions of them stream through us each second. They are everywhere, but much remains a mystery about the "energy" behind the quantic entity, which could be the key to understanding our universe.

Those who have challenged our mass beliefs risked being ostracized: Galileo, Socrates, Tesla, Feynman,Einstein and recently a metaphysical author Jane Roberts. During earth's 11th Ice Age humans nearly vanished but had it not been for a few Agile Thinkers. Their genes are now coded in our DNA.

We are being challenged again by our beliefs thanks to the tiny "neutrino," which can move at the speed-of-light becoming both a wave and particle disappearing and reappearing! It is a "Zoo" to Particle Physicists at the "sub-atomic" level, where wave-particle can be simultaneously in two places at once.

Most of us have been taught to hide our intuitions, dreams, Aha moments, and especially our…