Michael's Quantum City

We live in a galaxy permeated with tiny particles called neutrinos. Trillions of them stream through us each second. They are everywhere, but much remains a mystery about the "energy" behind the quantic entity, which could be the key to understanding our universe.

Those who have challenged our mass beliefs risked being ostracized: Galileo, Socrates, Tesla, Feynman,  Einstein and recently a metaphysical author Jane Roberts. During earth's 11th Ice Age humans nearly vanished but had it not been for a few Agile Thinkers. Their genes are now coded in our DNA.

We are being challenged again by our beliefs thanks to the tiny "neutrino," which can move at the speed-of-light becoming both a wave and particle disappearing and reappearing! It is a "Zoo" to Particle Physicists at the "sub-atomic" level, where wave-particle can be simultaneously in two places at once.

Most of us have been taught to hide our intuitions, dreams, Aha moments, and especially our emotions. We even fake our authentic feelings publicly. But, what if emotions "sparked" an electrical current? What would the properties would each type of emotion hold? And, would these electrical pattern we created hang around us or dissipate?

What if on a sub-atomic level everything had some form of emotion? Like a cell reacting to our stress or thriving in our mental health. Did our emotions affect the "Chemistry" of the cell? Did the cell feel it on some level, did it "emotionally react?" Does a cell know it is a cell and what it is supposed to do?

First, we have to define what emotion is. Wikipedia's definition of "emotion is, in everyday speech, a person's state of mind and instinctive responses, but scientific discourse has drifted to other meanings and there is no consensus on a definition." 

What if emotions were the building blocks of our personal energy field, based on a gestalt of variations and intensities. What if every experience we had, even in our dream state added to our individual field? Imagine a cell death and being born again with the same DNA Coded within it from everything it has ever been. We know energy never dies, what happens to all our personal energy? The famous mathematician, Edward Lorenz who coined "The Butterfly Effect," spent his lifetime trying to create a weather model, but could not, because he said, a small change can create a big effect.

This would mean humans are like "cells" collecting information from everywhere we have ever been, including other lifetimes. All this information would be stored in our own personal"electromagnetic field."  Therefore we would need a new 'Dating Site" based on our "attractor fields".  The ideal mate would BE the best "Electromagnetic Field, " rather than a physical body. 

The dating questionnaire to test your field for attraction might read like this.... 

1. If you were floating in space after a 1000 lifetimes and you heard a voice say, "Who are you" which name of your 1000 lives would you give? Or would you describe your essence? 

2. Can you wake up in your dreams and direct them?

3. Have you taught your ego that it is safe to venture into the dream world and telepathically communicate? How far have you gone?

4. Have you ventured into the unknown to such a degree... that you have discovered one of your past lives?

5. Is your ego that organizes your physical reality to be safe and now organizing the data you are receiving from your past lives?

6. Is your ego, accepting that every choice you did not make, but you mentally considered, is having a reality of its own, from which you can draw from to alter in the present moment of power, your present, past, and future?

7. Has your ego accepted the spiritual world as energy that never dies?

8. Are you utilizing all your lifetimes, and all the potentialities in your present moment of action?

9. Can your ego direct physical reality and in some respects the nature of this manipulate more and more at a mental level?

10. Does your ego accept large portions of reality that it previously denied?

11. Has your ego's structure remained intact, yet changed chemically and electromagnetically, being far more open to inner data. Once this freedom is achieved, the ego can never return to its old state. Are you Free? 

12. Can you leave your body and travel with your consciousness to other realities? Are you aware that there are other realities much different than ours, with different rules of operation with systems that we cannot be described? Is your mind open to the idea of massive energy sources, cosmic energy banks, that make possible the whole of the reality of probabilities?

13.  Do you believe "outside of probabilities" as we understand them, the energy banks still have existence.

14. Do you believe that there are invisible forms of energy that cannot be explained in words? Yet, none of this is meant to deny the individual, for it is the individual upon whom all else rests, and it is from the basis of the individual that all entities have their existence. 

15. Do you believe memories or emotions of an individual are ever taken from him? Or do you believe that all of these memories from all your 1000 or more lifetimes and all their probabilities are always at his disposal?

16. Do you believe all probability systems are open?

17. Did you realize that these disciplines of waking up in your dreams and directing them, writing them down and solving them, were training for the afterlife, to navigate with more skill and freedom in and out of other realities, solar systems and unimaginable areas of consciousness?

18. Can you play life like a chess game of moves, in which you become the Master of Your Own Energy?

19. Can you use your present moment point of power to affect the present, past and future?

20. Can you imagine that all the choices you did not take are in a "probability field" which seeds all of reality?

21. Reality = Pre Consciousness—Creates Action—Creates Energy— Creates Consciousness —Creates Mass—Circles back in a loop.

If you answered any of these questions you are a candidate for "Strange Attractor Field Dating Site". 

In the book,  The "Unknown" Reality, Vol 2, by Jane Roberts, the fields are said to have Units of Consciousness, (CU's).  Everything has a blueprint, like cells carrying DNA.  Each unit of consciousness intensifies magnifies its own intents to be—and, you might say, works up from within itself an explosive spark of primal desire which "explodes" into a process that causes physical materialization. Units of Consciousness (CU's) turn into {an} EE unit, (Which I am guessing stands for Electromagnetic Energy) in which case it is embarked upon its own kind of physical experience. "Units of consciousness (CU's), transforming themselves into EE units, formed the environment and all of its inhabitants in the same process, in what you might call a circular manner rather than a serial one. Mass comes from emotional interactions with the field, based on a gestalt of variations, and intensity. One man passionately willing good or evil can overbalance a hundred men. The energy created moves through the electromagnetic energy field..." clumping together" affecting the entire field.

The concept of building Michael's Quantum City came to me after reading 50 books on the human brain and quantum mechanics. My favorite brain book was "The Self Illusion" by Dr. Bruce Hood, published by Oxford Press and my favorite metaphysical book was  The "Unknown" Reality by Jane Roberts, which explains the layout of creating "Michael's Quantum City."

Your thoughts, for example, and your intents, have their own validity and force. You set them into motion, but then they follow their own laws and realities. All creativity comes from the psyche. By meditating in "Michael's Quantum City" you are able to work without having to navigate through slow moving matter, because you are above the earth's atmosphere, and outside of the gravitational pull, you are free to create within yourself the storyline. Imagine tiny characters playing out the scene you want to experience within you, then look to your physical reality for the enhancement from your creative state of power! "This is not to be a pie-in-the-sky sort of thing or some between worlds. A psychic marketplace, for example, where ideas are exchanged, a place of psychic commerce, a pleasant environment with quite definite coordinates, established as an "orbiting satellite" on the outskirts of your world. Initially, all worlds are created in just that fashion. In certain terms, then, this involves in a very small way the creation and colonization of a different kind of reality—consciously accepted, however, from your perspective. On an unconscious level, the world as you know it expands in just such a fashion. When you alter your focus, it changes your physical reality.
".......Later you will realize the startling nature of what has been given this evening.

My number one reason for wanting to build "Michael's Quantum City" is to enhance every aspect of his physical and unseen reality. Here are the building blocks of Michael's City: I am starting with the image of an invisible floating city, orbiting like a satellite, which I am creating as a Christmas Gift for my son.

The "boson" particle found at CERN in Switzerland. The wave in the field is caused by our attention to 'anything'— individually, and —collectively. See animation: We create together — by our attention to shared idea, emotions, news, and shared information.  

Mike sleeps, yet the "Quantum Mike" is awake, an ancient mountain, strong and wise. 

When he physically awakens, he will have my energy directed at his reality, adding energy to his already magical approach to life! A mother and son are telepathically connected, each individual is free, there is no pre-destination or determinism, nothing happens to you that you don't agree to on some level. The only effect I can have on my son's reality is to teach him to use his city to create his ideal reality. I can set up telepathic meetings to share ideas. We often think others influence our reality, but this is only true if we push against the influence of others. We have complete control of our experience of reality, at all times.

I am now ready for the first experience in  Michael's Quantum City! I close my eyes and invite the three clans that learned to live on ICE, during the 1,000 year Ice Age. It is these "out of box" thinkers that excite me and I wonder where and what they are doing now. They obviously are in other solar systems in evolved in indescribable challenges!

Here is my son's life before the City was created, his drawing of his bar life, which he loved.

"Apport Neutrinos" are within us and make up everything around us. They are made of divine intelligence, Manifesto "infinite information expanding. The bubbles are billions of conscious units (like electrons) orbit each Atom, and they all have "free will" and innate drive for value fulfillment. 

I gave Michael a quantum city for his Christmas Present in 2013. It was designed to help him create his own unique city locked above the earth's atmosphere with which he could visit in his mind and create his ideal reality here on earth. Michael drew his cit as a UAV unmanned plane, with which to fly in while using his mental focus towards an ideal outcome for every challenge he is setting up in life, to fly by them, easily navigating through life. This way he could complete all his goals in rapid time and expand to more and more his wise being.

Michael's drawing of his UAV above Chico, California.

Mike gave me this photo of us, with his letter to me written on it.

This Quantum Experiment has given me a new glimpse of how I create my reality. My husband, David who is a master black belt and has a Ph.D. in statistician says, "Experiments need to be 'repeatable and measurable' to confirm that it works." He suggested that I set up expectations to meet. I am creating a measurement system to show Michael's Quantum City is working to create an ideal reality for my son.

The measurable tool for Michael is for him to totally love every aspect of his life. When we create we love, when we appreciate we love, when we enjoy nature we love, when we become more ourself we are revealing pure love. LOVE is the only gage to which I define the success of Michael's  Life and His Quantum City. We have a gage for success on planet Earth, it's our education, job, and wealth, but we do not have a gage for those that love life and each other fully! This is Mike!

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