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What is Dark Matter?

Astronomers using a NASA's Hubble Space telescope got a first-hand view of how dark matter behaves during a titanic collision between two galaxy clusters. The explosion created a ripple of dark matter, which is somewhat similar to a ripple formed in a pond when a rock hits the water. The dark matter is the "black ring" in the above photo. The mass is made up ofinvisible atoms which surrounds the dense core of a giant cluster of galaxies called ZwC10024+1652, about 5 billion light-years from Earth."Astronomers have long suspected the existence of the invisible substance as the source of additional gravity that holds together galaxy clusters. Such clusters would fly apart if they relied only on the gravity from their visible stars. Although astronomers don't know what dark matter is made of, they hypothesize that it is a type of elementary particle that pervades the universe." ~NASA
I concluded after reading Jane Robert's book, Dreams, "Evolution and …