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What is Biphasic Sleep? — Our Natural Sleep Cycle

I have been experimenting with Biphasic Sleeping for two years. Biphasic Sleep is when you sleep twice within a 24-hour period—breaking sleep into two parts. I sleep 6 hours at night and I take a power nap during the day. I do not use an alarm clock, but allow my own inner rhythm to guide the length. The patterns will have their own flow at certain points in your life. Following your own rhythm, longer or shorter periods will naturally ensue. Your consciousness as you think of it will be expanded through such practices. The optimum state of sleep is 6 hours max, with a nap, because the 8 hours of sleep is a state of prolonged drugging of the conscious mind throwing the biological clock off it's natural rhythm. Generally speaking, eight-hour sleep periods, or longer ones, are not beneficial, nor in larger terms are they natural for the race.The key though is to follow your own natural pattern. You might be saying, "great I would love a power nap, but I have a 8 hour day job.&q…

How To Visit Bhutan : My Story!

As a Westerner I had a lot of baggage, yet I wasnaked in Bhutan. You can read about my visit in my memoir"From Hollywood to God" on This blog is a sneak peek into Shangri-La, with tips on how you can visit. One of the most spectacular places I stayed was the Dewachen Hotel in what the locals called TheValley of the Cranes.
In this majestic 16-bedroom palace is hidden in the valley of Phobjikha, Gantey Gompa, which is 3,000 feet above sea level. It is here that I discovered "Enlightenment." This version was not what I had imagined which was my eyes closed in a meditative state feeling one with the universe. Instead, I was high up from the nectar of the gods, floating around in half moon goblets, which were literally rolling around the table. Kunga had given us a bottle of the finest Whiskey known to man, and our first experience with Nirvana.
We told stories with a common thread, laughter. It is the same weaving in every language. The next morning I discov…