What is Biphasic Sleep? — Our Natural Sleep Cycle

I have been experimenting with Biphasic Sleeping for two years. Biphasic Sleep is when you sleep twice within a 24-hour period—breaking sleep into two parts. I sleep 6 hours at night and I take a power nap during the day. I do not use an alarm clock, but allow my own inner rhythm to guide the length. The patterns will have their own flow at certain points in your life. Following your own rhythm, longer or shorter periods will naturally ensue. Your consciousness as you think of it will be expanded through such practices. The optimum state of sleep is 6 hours max, with a nap, because the 8 hours of sleep is a state of prolonged drugging of the conscious mind throwing the biological clock off it's natural rhythm. Generally speaking, eight-hour sleep periods, or longer ones, are not beneficial, nor in larger terms are they natural for the race. The key though is to follow your own natural pattern. You might be saying, "great I would love a power nap, but I have a 8 hour day job." Well Japan has a fix — Nap Salons. Time to to get the dot-comers to invest in this idea in the US. Individuals following biphasic sleep patterns would feel much greater stability in themselves and the flow of vitality would be heightened.

Biphasic Sleeping is our natural rhythm as humans. We changed our biological clock around the 1600's when Paris began putting (artificial light) gas lanterns in their home windows. This evolved to the first gas street lamps in Paris and longer awake periods, which we thought was progress. Later the traditional siesta was replaced by the need for longer work hours during the industrial revolution.  Experiments prove our biological clock wants two sleeps.
One such study took a group of volenteers underground where there was no artificial or natural light. These volunteers began, "all of them" sleeping twice. Often waking up in the middle of the night where they felt meditative, calm and creativity. One of the biggest advantages is we can remember our dreams and work with them. Rarely do you remember your dreams, if you sleep past 6 hours.

The following are Sleep Studies on biphasic sleeping or "two sleeps" or "siestas" which even the Olympians have added into their training program. This feeling— of being connected to nature is what I love most, as well as feeling more peaceful from a mid-day nap. Leonardo Da Vinci, Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt   Lyndon B. Johnson, Napoleon Bonaparte, John D. RockefellerJohn F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie O, and Thomas Edison  all took naps!
Thomas Edison Napping :)
Once when Thomas Edison's friend, Henry Ford paid a visit to Edison's lab, Edison's assistant stopped him from going into the inventor's office because Edison was snoozing. Ford said, "But I thought Edison didn't sleep very much." To which the assistant answered, "He doesn't seep very much at all, he just naps a lot."

Dr. Walter Brown, a psychiatrist at Brown Medical School, writes in the Psychiatric Times: One benefit of biphasic sleeping may be that it makes it easier to recall and access dreams. "If people don't fight waking up in the middle of the night but instead write down their dreams and enjoy reading a book, they'll find themselves falling asleep again after roughly one hour." We try our best not to wake up in the night, but, it may be beneficial to wake from REM sleep, which is the deep sleep stage during which dreams occur and can be recalled. If dreams were discovered to enhanced our reality— we would redesign our sleeping patterns.

In the 1990s, a sleep scientist Thomas Wehr documented that waking up directly after dreaming afforded people a pathway to their subconscious. His study showed man's biological sleep patterns are two sleeps, waking after four hours. Wehr's sleep research is well known to sleep specialists, but the thrust of his work has been on uncovering the mechanisms governing sleep.

In 1975 Dr. Roger Broughton of the University of Ottawa first proposed that naps were a natural part of the human sleep cycle. He found that, even after a full night’s sleep, people have a strong tendency to fall asleep in the early afternoon. When volunteers were put into a time-free environment, they tended to sleep in two time periods; one at night and another about twelve hours later in the early afternoon. The Circadian Rhythm of the body is actually 25 hours, so the sleep pattern in a time-free environment would get pushed forward an hour each day. We tend to ignore this for reasons of practicality and work routines by regulating our waking time to the same time each day. The second wave of tiredness happens about 8 hours after we wake up in the morning. So during the early afternoon between 1:30pm and 3:00pm we are likely feel tired again. A short nap of 10-20 minutes, can satisfy this desire for sleep and allow us to wake up feeling refreshed and much more alert.

Jane Robert's book, "The Nature of Personal Reality" Vol. 2
Individuals following such natural behavior would feel much greater stability in themselves....the flow of vitality would be heightened. There is a give-and-take chemical reaction, or rather chemical rhythms of reactions, that are far more effective in the shorter sleep periods. Many of you sleep through periods that should be those of your greatest creativity and alertness, in which the conscious and unconscious are most beautifully focused and at one. The conscious mind is often drugged with sleep just when it could be deriving its greatest benefits from the unconscious, and be able to poise most meaningfully in the reality that you know. In these instances the beauty and illumination of your dream state can be clear in the conscious mind, and used to enrich your physical life. Contrasts in your experience will appear to you in their united clarity.

Such a change in your waking and sleeping patterns very nicely helps cut through your habitual ways of looking at the nature of your own personal world, and so alters your conception of reality in general.
On the other hand, areas of ordinary behavior that may have seemed opaque before, cloudy or dark - personal characteristic behavior that was not understood, for instance - may suddenly become quite clear as a result of this transformation, in which the shadowy aspects of the unconscious are perceived as brilliant. Barriers are broken down, and with them certain beliefs that were based upon them.
... changed wake-sleep habits can ... bring about a transformation in which it is obvious that dreams contain great wisdom and creativity, that the unconscious is indeed quite conscious, and that in fact the individual sense of identity can be retained in the dream state.

pg, 310
 When you trust yourself then you will trust your own dream interpretations-and these will lead you to greater self-understanding. Your beliefs of good and evil will become much more clear to you, and you will no longer need to project repressed tendencies out upon others in exaggerated fashion. 
When your ideas about yourself change, so does your experience.
The overall private experience that you perceive forms your world, period.

Queen Elizabeth was known as the "Pelican Queen." Elizabeth loved the symbolic myth of the Pelican, and used it for her relationship as "Mother of England." And interestingly, my daughter Stephanie chose this painting titled, "The Pelican Queen" for her class project on historical customs when she was a twelve. We spent weeks reproducing it on a giant canvas, painting each pearl, the elaborate pelicans, her red curls around her crown, and her simmer, heavy, silk, regal dress. It was this spectacular event was revisited, when my daughter called me to help her in the most important event of her life.

My Daughter XO!
I arrived in Juno Beach — the Mother of the Bride, ready to help my daughter pick out her wedding dress. She was to wed in Basel, Switzerland, this December, which would make her a "Winter Bride." The ceremony was to take place in the tiny and historical church where her fiancé' parents were married!

The day arrived; dream like as I sat on a blue velvet sofa watching my daughter glide down the catwalk for brides. She was wearing a heavy, silk, elaborate gown with a long chapel train trailing behind her. The sweep of jeweled sheer veil followed her….as she turned towards me and smiled. She was young and innocent, her milk skin jeweled by the princess neckline of the dress. The room was lined with floor to ceiling gilded mirrors, and above sparkling chandeliers. My daughter had become the star of her own life, as she walked gracefully in the theatrical gowns. I was not prepared for extravagance of the moment in my heart, she was leaving home forever. She twirled around to show me the back of her dress. It was it's own Broadway show, cut low in a V-shape, with thousands of glimmering peals. I had always loved wedding dresses, and weddings, but had never seen one this up close, as the "Mother of the Bride".

What I did not expect was this strange feeling as she sat down on the pale blue velvet sofa and lifted the heavy flowering dress to slip on her ivory satin wedding slippers. For the first time, I saw my beautiful daughter as a grown woman, elegant and sensual. I was the pelican mother, trying to let go of my little girl. And she was adorned in the formal gown, much like dress the two of us had painted of the Queen. But, this time we were delicately painting her new reality into place. She is not a little girl I tried to tell myself, but soon will be a medical doctor, wife and mother to her own children. Tears welled up as my heart was forced to widen. I had not expected to be overwhelmed, as the "mothering in me" began disappearing….

The next morning I woke up in my daughter's condo on Juno Beach. Franz was making breakfast and pointed out to the sea. I looked out from their balcony and below my daughter's window where she was still asleep was something astonishing. It was a squadron of Pelicans, maybe one hundred resting on the ocean's wake. “Franz, I asked, "Is this something that happens often?" He calmly answered, “No, I’ve have never seen them here before.” I smiled, these majestically funny birds were my sign that everything was wonderful in my daughter's life, and my love for her had not gone unnoticed, at least not by the Pelicans. If you liked "The Alchemist" or "Eat Pray Love" you will love my new book.
Sneak-A-Peek Below!
My first stop was to The World Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco. I wanted to understand the science of frequencies, especially if everything in the universe was vibrating to their own unique song!

I waited in the large conference room to hear Dr. Susan Yale's lecture on the Harmonic Oscillator.

The room went black and three giant pyramids projected on a movie screen.
"You can hear the sound of "nature" between the Pyramids of Giza," Dr. Yale said, pausing, "it's a perfect F Sharp."

No one moved. She spoke slowly, "If you knew there was a place in the world where you could hear God, would you go?"

I always wanted to sleep on the Nile!"

~ from my Memoir, (click link—"From Hollywood to God"  Kelly Granite Enck on Amazon books and Kindle.
Giza, Egypt
Hiking through Bhutan

Tiger's Temple, Thailand
River Kwai, Thailand

The Kingdom of Bhutan

Tiger's Nest Bhutan

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