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Do Bras Cause Cancer? : Underwire Bras Are Slave Antennas!

By Kelly Granite Enck

Underwire bras act as aslaveantenna re-broadcasting "radio frequency" directly into the breast.

I was in the middle of a one week detox, feeling blue from the toxins releasing in my body. As I laid in my bed I was thinking about how happy I was that my bedroom was now free of electric pollution, or EMF. Then my "gut" spoke! "Your room is not free from Electromagnetic Pollution, you have an antenna under your breasts in your push-up bra!" I thought, where did that thought come from and is it true?

I hurried to google, "Are underwire bras safe?"

"Dr. John Holt, M.D. from West Australia has stressed as an important consideration for breast cancer patients. Now in Australia we have a situation in Brisbane where a whole array of antennas is mounted on the side of a 2 story building in a city public square. Directly opposite 70 meters away is a three story office building where, if you look out the third story windows, you look …

Cells Speak: they can tell if you are "Truly Happy" or not.

First let's define happiness, for years we thought happiness was just a mental state, but now we have new research from the University of California, Los Angeles, giving us evidence that happiness can be measured at a cellular level. The cells react differently to different forms of Happiness, which means we cannot fake the experience of being happy, while in a "hedonistic moment," because our cells know what real happiness is! (lol, no wonder!) Hedonistic forms of happiness at a cellular level-- affect our cells like "empty calories," by contrast to cells that experience us adding value to our community. UCLA Study (1)

So, what does this mean if we are not truly happy, but seeking to escape our lives, in the TV, shopping for no reason, over eating or over drinking? It means we feel like we do not have any control over our lives.
The one suggestion that can break through our cellular cry for help is --this sentence:  I create my reality and the present is my poin…