Do Bras Cause Cancer? : Underwire Bras Are Slave Antennas!

By Kelly Granite Enck

Underwire bras act as a slave antenna re-broadcasting "radio frequency" directly into the breast.

I was in the middle of a one week detox, feeling blue from the toxins releasing in my body. As I laid in my bed I was thinking about how happy I was that my bedroom was now free of electric pollution, or EMF. Then my "gut" spoke! "Your room is not free from Electromagnetic Pollution, you have an antenna under your breasts in your push-up bra!" I thought, where did that thought come from and is it true?

I hurried to google, "Are underwire bras safe?"

"Dr. John Holt, M.D. from West Australia has stressed as an important consideration for breast cancer patients. Now in Australia we have a situation in Brisbane where a whole array of antennas is mounted on the side of a 2 story building in a city public square. Directly opposite 70 meters away is a three story office building where, if you look out the third story windows, you look slightly down on the antennas. I sent one affected business on the third floor Alasdair Philip’s excellent Com and A Com meters and the tenants were able to determine the level of RF in their offices. They are now shielding the rooms and plan on moving out as soon as possible. Now the relevant point I’m trying to make is that when the person took the meters out on the public square in front of the building with the antennas, he found that he was getting RF readings from every metal object in that square, including his metal watch band. This would also be the case for any woman in that square (many work there) who might be wearing an underwire (metal) bra. That underwire would be acting as a slave antenna re-broadcasting RF directly into the breast. This would tend to act as a promoter of any cancerous cells in the breast. As cities are all becoming wireless wonders the situation in Brisbane must be repeated many times. At the very least, simple advice to breast cancer patients to not wear metal underwire bras would seem a sensible precaution." (2)

I was Shocked!!! Doctors treating women with breast cancer are telling them to stop wearing bras with metal underwire support, because it causes harmful electric pollution to rotate around the soft breast tissue!!! This news made me mad! I threw away all my bras and raced to Victoria Secret to find a wire free bra. The manager of the store said, "We only have two bras without (metal) underwires, but you don't need to worry, because you only need a "wire free bra" if you already have cancer.""What?" I said, shocked! "if you have cancer you are not supposed to wear a (metal) underwire in your bra, but if you do not have cancer it's safe to wear Electromagnetic Antennas under our breasts?"

I'll let you figure out this nonsense for yourself, as my intelligent blog reader. There seems to be lots of evidence that underwire bras are not safe.

So, last night I "unplugged everything." I pulled all the electrical cords out of their sockets, I threw away our electric blanket, and put the computers and cells phones in our home office. Then I opened the bedroom window and went to sleep listening to the ocean,…. with no electromagnetic fields around me. I had the best sleep ever. I slept through the night and woke-up recalling calmer dreams. This action was the first step towards preparing myself to learn how to meditate. 

Another calming trick to lower EMF exposure is to work on an "unplugged" laptop, which means you have to remember to charge it over night in your office, so you can use it on a full battery instead of through wall juice, which is live EMF streaming….:) Also, unplug devices when not in use, and last remove your mercury amalgam fillings— they are EMF antennas right into your head. 

Dr. Thomas M. Rau, M.D. Medical Director Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland says the removal of dental fillings can be an important early step in reducing electrical sensitivity.

Thomas M. Rau, MD
On a good note, I found a fabulously lace bra made in Switzerland yesterday! The HANRO Bra is wireless, yet a bit pricey due to the quality of it's materials. It is made of breathable organic cotton, has chrome and cobalt free metal hardware for the back clip and shoulder adjusters. It has no underwire and has a gentle back-strap, verses the "tight elastic"-- which helps the lymph nodes function productively. The lymph nodes trap foreign substances, proper flow of fluid through them promotes health because those foreign substances travel from the body to the lymph node for elimination. If you disrupt, congest, or stop lymph flow, you are at a much greater risk of becoming sick or having edema buildup. 

Later, I found two wireless bras at Marshall's made by warner for 9.99. I went with those. :)
My new wireless bra made by Warner  and only 9.99 :)

There is little funding for cancer prevention, because there is no profit to be gained. Preventing cancer takes a holistic approach— Three keys: 1. Body (chemicals, EMF, senses), 2. Mind (thoughts), and 3. Environment. We have an innate intelligence within, but we instead rely on others for information about our lives. The following are not safe—Electric Pollution, birth control pills, hormone replacements, pesticides, processed foods, metal in our antiperspirants and the underwire bra. It does not take scientific prove to know that chemicals and electrical pollutions is not healthy for the human body, or that an antenna under our breasts is not safe.

Imagine how big the money is now to write laws for giant wireless "towers," because -- the public are demanding clear signals on their wireless devices. We are not looking at the "long term" consciences. We know that massive electrical pollution is not good, yet we continue to trust Corporations, instead of our gut and intellect. One day a farm in the middle of the mountains, with clean water, and no power towers will be the most sought after property on earth.

Peek into my Memoir! 
I invite you on my seven-year journey in search of life's meaning. My first stop was ‘The World Sound Healing Conference’ in San Francisco. I wanted to learn more about the universal energy, both seen and unseen. I waited in a large conference room to hear Dr. Susan Yale an expert on sonic codes. The room went dark . Three giant pyramids projected on a large screen.

A voice came overhead, "If you knew there was a place in the world where you could 'hear God' would you go?" We were stunned in an infinite moment of wonder. Dr. Yale's voice was like an Oracle, “You can hear the sound of God between the Pyramids of Giza," She said. "It's a perfect F# sharp.”

I hurried home to pack for Egypt! But, before I could get there, I stopped for a coffee and was thunderstruck by a Scandinavian man. He was sitting at a long wooden table reading a thick book. How elegant I thought, looking at his tailored pants, shirt with cuffs, and blonde wavy hair. I sat down next to him with my coffee-to-go. He looked up at me with piercing blue eyes. Five minutes after hello, I had accidentally invited him to Egypt! And to my surprise he going!"  Click to continue reading my memoir—"From Hollywood to God” By Kelly Granite Enck.

When reality meets your wildest dream, you realize your mind was the colorful paint. Be Courages enough to take credit for creating the events in your life, both good and bad.  ~ Kelly Granite Enck

Electrical Pollution Facts
1. Learn more about electromagnetic (EMF) pollution from  my blog on how I cleaned up our bedroom. 
2. Australian Dr. John Holt  quoted the statement above suggesting women not wear underwire bras. Dr. Holt was revolutionary! He cured his cancer patients without chemo or side affects, using glucose (aka sugar) blockers to starve cancer cells, then using radio-wave therapy, using specific radio frequencies to target cancer cells.
3. Apple and Blackberry warn users to keep their cell phones nearly an inch away from their bodies due to radiation. Click here for Cell phones: Blackberry, Iphone, and Android Radiation Reducing Cell Phone Cases $60. by Pong. 

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