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Hippocrates Health Institute— Review! ( Sugar Feeds Cancer )

Scott just returned from three weeks at Hippocrates Health Institute and shared his experience with us. While at Hippocrates Dr. Brian Clement gave a concise explanation as to why too much sugar in the body is not good.

The cells need 3 things as fuels:
1. glucose
2. oxygen – always good to increase the oxygen levels in our body.
3. essential fatty acids

It's the hybridization of fruit, making it today 30 times sweeter than it was just 100 years ago. He also mentions that 95% of people had no access to processed sugar. Ironically, this has turned around with the poorest people consuming the most sugar.

We have all weakened our pancreas function with the ingestion of so much sugar, and much more ends up as blood glucose creating a welcome environment for the mutagens and microbes that thrive and we lose our greatest gift – our health.

An essential part of healing is to cut sugar. Even fruit is eaten in very small quantities if at all. Sugar and cancer will make you sick. Eliminating sugar…

At What Temperature Are Food Enzymes Destroyed? 114 Fahrenheit

This is the new 50's, thanks to the Raw Food Diet!
The question of "cooked food" being an addiction, can only be understood with great pounder.
Sugar and Salt are an addiction, alcohol cravings, why not cooked foods?
Well, you might be saying some cooked foods are healthy right? How can something healthy be an

What I am challenging you to see is the "truth" about cooked foods, 50 percent of the protein is coagulated, cooked out of it, 70 percent of the nutrients are killed above 114- 118 degrees fahrenheit, and all the enzymes are killed. Our diet affects our health and the entire world population is now mineral deficient, due to the soul contamination from pesticides and environmental pollutions.

So, how do you feel about giving up your home cooked meals? (strange feeling hu?) We are "hooked on comfort foods, it's a hidden addiction. I am just providing food for thought! :) Love Kelly

News on the Subject! : Neal Barnard MD discusses the scie…