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Dangers of Aspartame—It Blocks Serotonin to the Brain!

10 Reasons to Stop Drinking Diet Soda By Kelly Granite Enck

1. Neurotoxin: Aspartame acts as a neurotoxin. It is also known as NutraSweet.
Aspartame is a methylester of the aspartic acid/phenylalaninedipeptide. It was first sold under the brand name NutraSweet; It was first synthesized in 1965 and the patent expired in 1992.

2.  Headaches: Sucralose may cause headaches. Made from a modified sugar molecule, sucralose is supposed to pass through the body unabsorbed. Sucralose has been linked to migraines, gastrointestinal issues, and thymus gland damage. Sucralose may also intensify sugar cravings, increase appetite, and trigger insulin release.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, downgraded sucralose from "Safe" to "Caution" in June 2013, citing a new study linking sucralose consumption with leukemia risk in rats.[25][26]

3.  Acidifying: Soda is one of the most acidic substances humans ingest. The acid in diet soda demineralize the bones and teeth, and can lea…

How To Grow Sprouts

This Youtube will open your eyes up to "Sprouts" and their power!!Get this "Sunflower Sprouts" are a complete protein and used atHippocrates Health Instituteto build up the immune system to fight cancer.Enjoy Scotts lesson on how to sprout seeds at home!