How To Grow Sprouts

This Youtube will open your eyes up to "Sprouts" and their power!!Get this "Sunflower Sprouts" are a complete protein and used at Hippocrates Health Institute to build up the immune system to fight cancer.  Enjoy Scotts lesson on how to sprout seeds at home!

How to Sprout: Buy sprouts from "Sprout Man online"
If you are new to sprouting start with beans and legumes such as mung beans, lentils, adzuki, and fenugreek. These are the easiest of the sprouts to grow and your early success will build you confidence. All you need are seeds, water, a one-quart wide mouth Mason jar, and a sprouting lid.
Here are the steps:

1. Put ½ cup of mung beans in the jar and install the sprout lid with tiny holes.

2. Fill the jar with at least two cups of filtered water and soak at room temperature for eight hours. (over night)

3. Drain the water and rinse in filtered water, then leave the jar upside down in a drain pan propped at a 45-degree angle to allow the water to drain.

4. Rinse twice a day for two or three days. (7am and 7pm )

5. Harvest when the roots emerging fro the beans are at least as long as the bean itself.

6. What you are not going to use right away can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. We suggest storing sprouted beans and legumes in a green bag with the air removed. If moisture is present, placing a paper towel in the bag will extend shelf life.

I have been on a 100% Raw Food Diet for six years, 2009-2015, it has made me feel 23 at 53!
I learned about this diet while traveling the world in search of God and a Husband, the raw food diet was easy by far! :)
Sneak-A-Peek Below!
My first stop was to The World Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco. I wanted to understand the science of frequencies, especially if everything in the universe was vibrating to their own unique song!

I waited in the large conference room to hear Dr. Susan Yale's lecture on the Harmonic Oscillator.

The room went black and three pyramids projected on a movie screen.

"You can hear the sound of "nature" between the Pyramids of Giza," Dr. Yale said, pausing, "it's a perfect F Sharp."

No one moved. She spoke slowly, "If you knew there was a place in the world where you could hear God, would you go?"

I always wanted to sleep on the Nile!"

~ from my Memoir, (click link—"From Hollywood to God"  Kelly Granite Enck on Amazon books and Kindle.
Giza, Egypt
Hiking through Bhutan

Tiger's Temple, Thailand
River Kwai, Thailand

The Kingdom of Bhutan

Tiger's Nest Bhutan

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