Pharmacy Museum—Basel, Switzerland

The world's largest Pharmaceutical Museum is in Basel Switzerland. I loved seeing the "paper for gobbling," which looked like stamps of Virgin Mary. There was also an Exposition on Uranium, which included the brochure for the "Radium Hotel and Spa!" Uranium as a element was discovered by the German chemist, Martin Heinrich Klaproth in 1789. Yet, it goes back as early as 79 CE, when it was used as yellow dye for ceramics found in Italy. I was also excited to see the "rolled up yardsticks" of Jesus and Mary's height. And what looked like Asian Jewel Boxes was really an ancient medicine tool kit. I loved it all! The cost was around 25 Swiss Francs, including a headset. Basel is a romantic city, with it's beautiful Rhine River running through it. Subscribe (it's free) to see my next videos of the Basel Christmas Market.

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