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What is Qigong?

5 Element Qi Gong Taoism is the dance between the energy of the body, mind, and "magnetic field" called you, which is made up of of all you have ever been— past, present and future self.

The Elements that make up Chi "Energy" areWater-Fire-Wood-Metal-Earth
My goal is to see to it that— each step I take is ideally suited to the out come of the ends that I hope to achieve. The 5 elements helping me are water, fire, wood and metal as symbolic representations of "ENERGY!" Qigong brings to life your natural feeling, which are alive, vibrant, mysterious and wise. 

5 Element Qi Gong The Water Elementfocuses on cleansing—out the expectations of love that were not met, that developed into anger.The Fire Element focuses on energizing—I am on fire with my energy when my emotions within during meditation become amplified! The Wood Element focuses on expansion—This is the house of the body, to our internal  home.The Metal Element (gold) focuses on condensing—you have hea…

How To Create Anything You Want In Life

Our Best Potential Self is under our mental and emotional control. We can call our best potential self into every event, and moment of our lives. When we get lost in the day, it is because we have forgotten that we are creating every aspect of our reality, and we are reacting to "past thoughts" that have created the life we have. If we want a new life, we must begin to believe in what we cannot see, until it arrives!

What is the basis of all unhappiness? The fear of not being protected. If you dive deep enough into any fear you will discover it is the fear of death or extinction, or abandonment. When you are unhappy, it is touching on some aspect of this deep fear of being hurt, and not feeling protected. And to understand your trigger points and live above emotion and thought, in bliss is the state of "enlightenment." Here's some tips for getting to this place without spending two years in a monks cave to learn to control your thoughts, which is the passage in…

What is the Purpose of Existence?

Perfection, by Kelly Granite Enck I used to think the aim of life was to work on becoming like God, perfect. It was the Seth Material that made me re-thing this aim. Jane Roberts in her books stated that "perfection was a [closed end box] with nowhere to go. Perfection is stagnant, yet reality both the invisible magnetic fields and our physical reality are moving and expanding using diversions. Our powers lies in the current moment—ACTION STATE. If we are unhappy, short in money, our not feeling loved, than we need to re-exaimin our lives. Maybe, we have stopped moving in the direction of growth, trying something that scares us! It is this dance with fear that is the secret of a successful life on purpose! 

Why have we stopped moving, "Fear"of not being safe.
It's usually from one mistake in life that hurt us, and then instead of getting back in the saddle we hide in our lives of "mediocre." How can we fix this lack of thrive, lack of funds and lack of lif…

How to Create Using Law of Attraction!

What is the sound of your inner drum? by Kelly Granite Enck
Law of Attraction states that "thoughts" create patterns of energy, which creates our reality. Scientist in the field of Quantum Physics are trying to figure out how "mass" is created from energy. They are searching for the Higgs Boson, which if found would be what they think gives all particles their "mass." It only takes three particles to make up matter: 1) electrons, 2) up quark and 3) down quark. Particles are only attracted to a "similar kinds of energy" or particle— which is the basis of our reality, what you focus on has an energy, that will attract like "energy." Our inner emotional state is under our control in our "present moment of power" and these emotions create matter, and synchronistic events, like a deep drum beating. Our drum beats within the colllective consciousness, like an echo system— between dolphins. We are all communicating telepathically an…

How to Create Your Ideal Reality

Your Best Potential Self, by Kelly Granite Enck
You are creating your reality from the energy within your "emotions". It only takes three particles to create matter, electron, an up quark and a down quark.

Energy is attracted to like energy,  or rather the volts, and type.
Energy in heavy matter or resistance is not going to be attracted to light waves, or what is known as Qi, energy. In other words, "Physical matter's energy moves too slow, to connect to photons, or particles that can be in two places at once simultaneously, and move faster than the speed of light, becoming either particle or waves.

When particles of similar "voltage" collide, they do not mix and become a combined new particle— but rather, they do something very interesting. They first disappear into invisible waves, then they show up again as brand new particles, without the properties of either. But, rather as unique individual properties, which everything in the universe makes up. Ever…

Lucy Movie Review!

Lucy Movie Review— If you had the means to use more than 10 percent of your brain, but it meant changing your diet— would you do it? When I am on the "Raw Food Diet" my brain is more creative, clear, able to focus and happier. As my cells become cleaner from daily toxins, I experience a higher functioning brain. I also avoid fluoride, which is said to cause foggy brain and I drink a half a gallon of distilled water a day. But, the key to my brain power is my raw food diet. The raw food diet is similar to the "blue drugs" that Scarlett Johansson get's exposed to. Live Food is packed with "Enzymes". Cooked foods kill the natural enzymes. Our brains thrive on nutrients and minerals from live organic produce.

I also loved how the alcohol was used in the film "Lucy.".…Scarlett's cells in the film are replicating at a rapid speed as her brain is using more of it's capacity. Normally, the toxins that we are exposed to in life have a slow r…