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What Caused the Evolution of Human Brain? | Ape to Man

A Brief History of the development of the human brain and our Diet, By Kelly Granite Enck
Evolution of human intelligence, was thought to have come from eating meat and cultural activities, but we have a modern skull that predates any evidence of harpoons for fishing, arrow heads, cave drawings, music, tools and weapons for killing animals to eat them, according to the journal Nature.
1. When did Homo Spiens begin? Our species of human, anatomically modern Homo sapiensfirst began to evolve nearly 200,000 years ago. It is now clear that early Homo sapiens, or modern humans, did not come after the Neandertals but were their contemporaries.The main difference in the skull shape is modern man does not have a projection of bone in the back of his head, known as the Occipital bun. 2. What is the oldest Homo Sapiens Fossil, modern man? 195,000. found in Kibish Ethiopia. Homo sapiens roamed Africa about 195,000 years ago.

3. What was the diet of early man, in Ethiopia? Frank Brown, Dean of Unive…

There is "No Karma," if Time Does Not Exist

Within three days of being 100 percent raw— you will experience Nirvana, or what has been coined Enlightenment! On the Raw Food Diet you can eat whenever you're hungry and as much as you like. Your body will adjust and self correct as you continue along…..The diet is primarly "live, organic, vegetables, wheatgrass shots, green juices,  large amount of sprouts, small amount of nuts and live grains (limited) Wine is on the raw food diet, but all alcohol is toxic— so it defeats the purpose of cleaning up our cells. 

Raw cheese and Sushi are on the menu, but for most raw foodies-- the love for animals becomes too great to eat them. Compassion is our natural state, when we begin to feel good.  It' was a gradual process for me to give up meat and dairy, and to over come my cooked food addictions. But, the high is worth it and each time you fall off the raw food diet, you turn off the high. A Statistical test of success is to be able to turn the results on and off, you can do thi…

How to Start a Raw Food Diet

I learned about this wild "Raw Food Diet" in 2009 and it has taken me years to become nearly 100 percent raw. During this experience, I have become healthier, sexier, lines have disappeared from my body and I am convinced it is reversing my aging process. I look better than I did in my 20's.

Every moment we chose to live or die, by our choices. If we are not trying we are in a bored in a 'status quo" existence and we may be drinking alcohol, or diet sodas with "aspartame", watching too much TV or living our entire life online, instead of within nature. The more we uncover our "Unlimited Potentialities" the more fun we will have in life. Success is who is the happiest, for this person raises the frequency of all mankind by his natural joy, like Richard Branson or the Dalai Lama.
Diet also plays a huge part in how we experience our connection within the world.
I experience life "Enlightened." My cells are pulsing like a dolphin's ec…

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Diet plays a huge part in what types of thoughts our brain produces Our cells are pulsing like a dolphin's echo— in the ocean calling other dolphins. The Raw Food Diet allows for a stronger and clearer frequency within our cells. and adds energy to the magnetic field at large. What shows up in our reality is filled with cool synchronicities, happier people, and matching to our mood events.

My thoughts are happy on the raw food diet yet when I eat cooked food they change to regular thoughts, like worrying or protecting myself, or average thoughts about life, nothing too depressing, but just not "high on life" like the raw food diet promotes. Cooked food, which raw foodist call "dead food" lacks live enymes. Dead food is any food which is cooked over 118 Fahrenheit, which it the temperture which kills the food's live enymes. Cooked food also uses more cellular energy to digest, slowing our bodies over all frequency down.  Buddhist Monks spend 2 years in a cave …

Law of Attraction: How it Works!

Jane Roberts/Seth Quotes "In a manner of speaking, you must be a practicing idealist if you are to remain a true idealist for long. You must take small practical steps, often when you would prefer to take giant ones – but you must move in the direction of your ideals through action. Otherwise you will feel disillusioned or powerless or sure, again, that only drastic, highly unideal methods will ever bring about the achievement of a given ideal state or situation. "Life at all levels of activity is propelled to seek ideals, whether of a biological or mental nature. That pursuit automatically gives life its zest and natural sense of excitement and drama. Developing your own abilities, whatever they may be, exploring and expanding your experience of selfhood, gives life a sense of purpose, meaning, and creative excitement – and also adds to the understanding and development of the society and the species. "It is not enough to meditate or to imagine in your mind some desire…