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Raw Food Diet

My Five Year Anniversary on the Raw Food Diet! By Kelly Granite Enck Hello Everyone! I put this YouTube together of the last five years on the Raw Food Diet. I wanted to make sure that mankind heard about eating live enzymes, and how it feels to eat food that becomes a life force within our cells. We all know someone who is sick and this diet can help. I felt lucky to have met Victoria Boutenko, who wrote "Green For Life" and taught me about eating an entirely live food diet. It has radically changed my life!
I used to think the aim of life was to work on becoming like God, perfect. It was the Seth Material that made me re-thing this aim. Jane Roberts in her books stated that "perfection was a [closed end box] with nowhere to go. Perfection is stagnant, yet reality both the invisible magnetic fields and our physical reality are moving and expanding using diversions. Our powers lies in the current moment—ACTION STATE. If we are unhappy, short in money, our not feeling love…

Menopause without Drugs!

My All Natural Menopause, By Kelly Granite Enck My favorite part of the raw food diet is my brain creates happier thoughts when I am on it, and the electromagnet frequecy of these thoughts creates syncronisticy events which match my over all mood.

Menopause for me felt like a gaint black cloud landed on me and it would not lift!
This was the result of estrogen leaving my body. The body becomes randomly HOT and we think this is bad, but it is a good thing!! The heat kills cancer inside the cells, it's your body's natural way of helping you stay cancer free. So, next time you feel HOT, celebrate your health! Did you really think the same body that could make babies did not have a "reason for the hot flashes?"
Another sign that menopause is here, will be when you wake up in the middle of the night and start worrying— for a couple hours. Ugh! This I hated the most, but it will completely go away— without taking "estrogen drugs" within the next year. It get's le…

Raw Food Diet Before and After Photos

Six months ago I introduced my friend Julie to the Raw Food Diet. She continued it when she went back home to New Orleans. Six weeks later she came back with this HOT BODY! Here is her short story of her journey....and our before Youtube—titled Exotic Yoga Positions.

Sept 1, 2014—Six Months Earlier! 
Diet plays a huge part in what types of thoughts our brain produces and it can change the amount of energy we project into the unseen universe. We know that gravity exists, yet we cannot see it, why did we not believe our body was more than physical? :)

With this in mind, imagine your cells plusing out invisable consciousness, which has characteristics based on the type of foods, and thoughts we give ourselves. Think of humans similar to what fungi send out to an entire forest to warn against a virus, or how mushrooms share invisible information with each other on how to move towards a new location to thrive within it.

Humans do this same thing, and what I think helps create a healthier and s…