Raw Food Diet Tips

Tips For Starting a Raw Food Diet.

1. Never run out of live foods

2. 100 percent raw is easier than mixing up the diet between raw and cooked meals. If you try mixing it you will just quit, because of our "cooked food addiction." Make a commitment to try 100 percent raw for 90 days, lose all the extra pounds, feel great and sexy and then decide if you want to go back.

3. Sugar and Salt cravings are strong for the first few months. Use raw desserts and kale chips to get through it.

4. Do not count calories. You will not gain weight if you stay 100 percent raw.

5. When you have a few months under your belt, pull back on the nuts and raw treats. I am 6 years into the diet and just now noticing the content of my mind while eating, even raw. I eat my emotions, both joy and anger. When you have the raw food diet under control you can try "eating for fuel" not just emotions. This is the highest state of living, I am aiming for it! :)

Washing Produce, even Organic : I soak all my produce in a large bowl of distilled water with 1/4-1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar, depending on size of bowl or size of you sink. This should kill most germs, and contamination.  Let soak for 15-20 min. Then empty dirty water and rinse again in clean distilled water. I also rub all dirt off the produce with a scrub brush or my hands.

We in America have put food as our form of enjoyment, but is is a mistake and made us number one in obsity. With the raw food diet you will discover the body you were designed to have, unveil your mind to pure clean focus and explore the world happier than you have ever been. It is not easy to undertake this diet for two main reasons, the cost, and the amount of  mental discipline  But, on a mostly live diet you will be at your optimal state of being.

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