Panpsychism—Everything In The Universe Has Consciousness, The Fundamental Building Blocks of Reality!

Is Consciousness the fundamental building blocks of reality? By Kelly Granite
I just finished watching a great TED Talk on Consciousness by David Chalmers. I was surprised that he was speaking as if no one had this figured out. Many have figured this out, but the belief has not been accepted.

David referenced "Panpsychism" as the scientific name for this theory, yet the Wikepedia description said that we had lost our interest in this subject in the middle of the 20th century, with the acceptance of "logic". But, this is not  true. The author Jane Roberts was busy writing books on this subject, and they are all riveting and accurately matching this theory. I was excited to see if I could add Jane to the Wikepedia page, to give her the deserved credit. It worked! Here is my addition.… 

Author Jane Roberts wrote, "The Nature of Personal Reality" in 1974, which explains in detail this theory—[2] that everything has some form of consciousness, even a photon. She explained that consciousness is the fundamental building block of reality, pg 149 "With animals, there are varying degrees of division between the self who acts and the action involved. With the birth of the conscious mind in man, however, the self who acts needed a way to judge its actions. Again we come to the importance of that period of reflection, in which the self, with the use of memory, glimpses its own past experience in the present and projects its results into the future."

This week, I am going to be writing a blog and create a juice fast youtube, which will explain my experience with consciousness and fasting. When you are on a raw food diet, water or juice fast your cells bring more "electricity" to the brain. This gives the brain a healthy amount of oxygen which helps with brain clarity and it also helps make new brain cells! Join me by subscribing to my blog or my Youtube channel, "Kelly Granite " or check out my memoir on Amazon and Kindle books.

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