Karma Cannot Be Real If "Time" Does Not Exist

In the book, "The Universe in a Nutshell" Stephen Hawking states that "time" does not exist. Our time-line is a physical condition based on gravity and the magnetic forces.

The world is really operating in one single moment, as simultaneous events, in which every potential outcome is occurring with every move you make. You have a cloud of possibilities in which each one has a simultaneous world associated to it, and each of "you" is on that other earth experiences every move you did not make. "WILD!"

You are a baby now and an old woman or man. Even more interesting— you— are all your probable selves in all your lifetimes. You are also floating in space having lived 1000 lives and now understand that you make up ALL THAT IS, and when space asks you your name, what do you say? Which name would you say, and from which lifetime?

There is no such thing as "time" therefore no Karma. Because you have to must have a past to be punished for,  your actions have no consequences if they are all simultaneously occurring they are just giving you instant simultaneous probabilities which you choose from and "see as solid existence" but it's not solid it's an illusion, but as Einstein said, a very convincing one. Even though there is no punishment so to say, no one gets away with anything either, because every thing done to another is done to the self. Every "thought" inside you affects you, it's felt physically and emotionally. It's like you create a little live "entity" with every thought, which builds into physical events, your reality. This reality becomes part of you, you become your events, you are more of an "Electromagnetic Field," then physical being. You are really a giant wave of probable selves with a frequency based on your focus.

Peek into my Memoir! 
I invite you on my seven-year journey in search of life's meaning. My first stop was ‘The World Sound Healing Conference’ in San Francisco. I wanted to learn more about the universal energy, both seen and unseen. I waited in a large conference room to hear Dr. Susan Yale an expert on sonic codes. The room went dark . Three giant pyramids projected on a large screen.

A voice came overhead, "If you knew there was a place in the world where you could 'hear God' would you go?" We were stunned in an infinite moment of wonder. Dr. Yale's voice was like an Oracle, “You can hear the sound of God between the Pyramids of Giza," She said. "It's a perfect F# sharp.”

I hurried home to pack for Egypt! But, before I could get there, I stopped for a coffee and was thunderstruck by a Scandinavian man. He was sitting at a long wooden table reading a thick book. How elegant I thought, looking at his tailored pants, shirt with cuffs, and blonde wavy hair. I sat down next to him with my coffee-to-go. He looked up at me with piercing blue eyes. Five minutes after hello, I had accidentally invited him to Egypt and to my surprise he was going!"  Click to continue reading my memoir—"From Hollywood to God” By Kelly Granite Enck.

When reality meets your wildest dream, you realize your mind was the colorful paint. Be Courages enough to take credit for creating the events in your life, both good and bad.  ~ Kelly Granite Enck
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