The Present Moment Cafe, St. Augustine Florida

By Kelly Granite Enck
We had a fun night at "The Present Moment Cafe and Market."  To our surprise we came upon a wedding party and we met the owners Yvette and Nathan, who have been running this cafe for nine years! I hope you enjoy the journey with us eating a fully raw food meal, which means the food was not cooked over 115 Degrees Fahrenheit. But, rather warmed to Sun Temperatures. Raw Foods are "alive" with all the nutrients and enzymes. Staying 100 percent raw vegan makes be feel happier, healthier, sexier, more creative and I feel like I am experiencing what the Himalayan Yogis called, "prana" the Universal Life Force. I love the energy running through my body when my cells are clean. If you are not up for a fully raw meal, they have warm Buddha Bowls as well!

Yvette shared with me that she founded "The Present Moment Cafe" after she lost here two sisters to cancer. This cafe is her "Moment" forever remembering them, and it's her way of healing the world with live foods. She believes that she has skipped the fate of her genes by eating mostly live foods.

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