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Lemon Yellow Sun - St. Augustine Juice Bar

I had the best tasting juice ever, made by Pam at her new Juice Bar in St. Augustine Florida.
She used a "cold press juicer" which maintained flavors I have never tasted before in a juice.
She also made me a "CLARITY SHOT" out of E3Live.  Both of these experiences were new for me, even though I have been a Raw Foodist for six years!

I am on the Raw Food Diet, which is a diet similar to the one used to fight cancer called the Gerson Therapy. I learned about eating all "live foods" while on my journey around the world to searching for God and a Husband. (LOL)My memoir is on Amazon and Kindle books.
Subscribe to my channel to get my weekly YouTubes Videos! Kelly Granite Peek inside my book... I went to The World Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco and heard a lecture on the Quantum Harmonic Oscillator— the sounds coming from everything in the universe. The room went dark and three pyramids projected on a large screen. "You can hear the sound of "…

How To Buy Direct From Farmers

Meet Francisco, the owner of KYV Farms! He is my local organic farmer. All you have to do is type your zip-code into a search engine on the website www.local and it will give you a local farmer in your area. "The Secret is in the Soil" and these farmers are our new super heroes, because their produce will save our lives!

Community Supported Agriculture-(CSA) started in Europe and spread to the United States in 1986. This is the greatest thing that has happened to America since the "Declaration of Independence". It allows everyone to plug in their zip code and find the nearest Farmer and Support them by buying direct. Francisco's farm "KYV Farm" is in St. Augustine, Florida and is in the CSA program. For more information about his farm visit KYV FARM'S Website: (The boxes start at around 35.00 and up.)

(CSA)- Community Supported Agriculture List of Farms: www.local

I am on the Raw Food Diet, which is a diet simi…

Fluoride: Safe or Not?

The FDA required all toothpaste manufacturers to print a warning on the label that if more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste is swallowed, the local Poison Control Center should be notified.

Fluoride cannot be "filtered out of drinking water." Distillation is the only process which removes it. Fluoride remains in the food during cooking, making coffee and tea, food processing, filtration, and digestion. It accumulates in our fat cells, and is extremely dangerous for infants, which is why baby formulas use only "Distilled Water." Science labs use distilled water for their experiments to avoid contamination from toxic gas, fluoride, pesticides, radon, and soap. Even spring and filtered water contain too many unknowns to use in a science lab, due to the amount of pesticides used on land, and dumped in earth's waters.

Fluoride, the 13th most abundant element on the earth's crust, is a chemical ion of the element fluorine - fluoride has one extra electron that…

What I Ate Today On A Raw Food Diet — Ocean Picnic

What I ate today : Raw Vegan Picnic on the Beach!

“All alone! Whether you like it or not, alone is something you'll be quite a lot!” ― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go! and The Lorax

My Memoir—"From Hollywood to God"—By Kelly Granite Enck on Amazon and Kindle. Link:
Peek into my Memoir!  I invite you on my seven-year journey in search of life's meaning. My first stop was ‘The World Sound Healing Conference’ in San Francisco. I wanted to learn more about the universal energy, both seen and unseen. I waited in a large conference room to hear Dr. Susan Yale an expert on sonic codes. The room went dark . Three giant pyramids projected on a large screen.

A voice came overhead, "If you knew there was a place in the world where you could 'hear God' would you go?" We were stunned in an infinite moment of wonder. Dr. Yale's voice was like an Oracle, “You can hear the sound of God between the Pyramids of Giza," She said.…