Real Ouija Board Experiences

"Michael's Quantum City" Day 4
Jane Roberts began using the Ouija Board for her research on a book on psychic phenomena. During one of the sessions an energy personality who called himself "Seth" came through the board. He said he was a good friend of Robs, her husband during a past life. Seth shared with them that life springs up from an inner consciousness. Everything has some innate form of consciousness.

I read "Seth Speaks" as a very young girl. I remembered sitting on the floor of a bookstore amazed that it matched my deepest thoughts. I could not put it down. It was the first time I felt truly connected to someone. As a four-year-old I used to wake up in the middle of the night. I felt someone was in my room. It was so scary that my parents had to put a cot in their bedroom. The house we had just moved into on an Air Force Base, had been evacuated after a solider had taken his life. The blood stain on the dining room ceiling had been freshly painted over. But, his presence was still in the house.

On September 5, 1984, Jane died and Yale University Library was given all her correspondence with Seth, this included, audio and video recordings and all her journals. Seth had given her years of playfully and humorous knowledge of our unseen reality.

The Ouija Board is to be used by two or more. Placing two fingers on the heart shaped planchette, you then ask it questions. The device moves about the board saying yes or no, or spelling out the answers.

Seth liked to work by appointment with Jane and Rob. So, I started setting "writing appointments" for my book, "Michael's Quantum City" at 12 noon every day. Seth said, he would never speak through anyone else again to protect the integrity of Jane's material. Yet, he did say that he would always be available for his students. I feel his presence.

I found a Ouija Board on and put it in my basket to buy. But, before I got around to buying it, I accidentally sent it to my son. I was sending him a book, titled "The Heart of the Storm" by Col. Edward Fleming who had real adventure stories about his rescue team. When I hit buy— the Ouija Board went with the book. How odd I thought, maybe this has something to do with Michael's Quantum City?

The History of the Ouija board goes back 120 years, it was known as the "Talking Board."  Later it became a common board game for American households. A couple holding one on their lap was even on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, Illustrated by Norman Rockwell.

The board even has a "copyright patent" U.S. Patent 446,054 (1891). Elijah Bond had the idea to patent the planchette with a board of printed letters. The story goes, that patent clerk said, "If it can spell the name that I was called when I was a boy that no one knows, then I will give it a patent. When it did, the white faced patent clerk approved it, even without knowing how it worked. It made Elijah Bond the inventor of the "talking board," but it really had been around for hundreds of years in other variations of communication devises. An employee of Elijah Bond, took over the board in 1901 and he started the production of his own boards under the name "Ouija." William Fuld had worked as a varnisher for the board company prior to owning it. Fuld said the name "Ouija" came from an Ancient Egyptian word, meaning "good luck."

After some research I finally found the exact  Ouija Board Jane and Rob used. The patent was sold to Hasbro and it is now sold on Amazon for under 20 dollars. I bought it today and it arrives right before we leave for Washington DC. We are going to Christen the Ouija Board at the Capital of the United States. I cannot wait to post our experiences, as well as Mike and Shelby. Good Luck!

P.S. You want a collectable handmade board check these out! I am drawn to the Dragon Fly Board!
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