Does The Human Body Replaces Itself Every Seven Years?

The answer is yes, the body does replaces itself every 7 to 15 years, with the exception of three types of cells, "Neurons, Heart Muscle, Eye Lens."

List of Cells and their ages:
1. Neurons, heart muscle cells and eye lens cells are permanent in our lifetime.
2. Muscles Cells from ribs — 15 years old.
3.  Epithelial Cells in GUT— 5 days old.
4.  Main body of the GUT Cells— 15 years old.
5. Brain Olfactory Bulb that mediates the sense of smell— cells replace daily
6. Brain Hippocampus cells ( in charge of storing memory)— cells replace daily, so all our memories today will be stored in "new cells". This is thought provoking because it means only the current moment is stored in "new cells in the Hippocampus". So, when we recall memory is it from new cells too?
7. Cells are not regenerated after birth in the cerebral cortex.
8. Cells of the cerebellum are younger than the ones in the cerebral cortex, indicating that these may still be developing after birth.
9. Heart as a whole— Cells Replacing, but them may not be replacing in the heart's muscle cells, as of the latest studies.
10. Stomach Cells—5 days
11. Red Blood Cells within the circulatory system—120 days
12. Skin Cells "Epidermis or surface layer"—2 weeks replaced
13. Liver Cells—400 days average for an adult
14. Bones and Entire Skeleton—replaced every 10 years.

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