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How to Slow Down the Aging Process

Slow Down the Aging Process by Lengthening Your Telomeres, By Kelly Granite 
As of 2009 a simple blood test can tell you if your at risk for Heart Disease, Cancer or Alzheimers, by looking at the ends of your chromosomes. These ends are caps which maintain the replication of your DNA, during the cellular reproduction and are called "telomeres." They are inside every cell in the nucleus, within the chromosomes. Think of the ends of shoe laces, which prevent the strings from coming unraveled.

The discovery of Telomeres and their relationship to aging, won the researchers a Nobel Price. Now, we have a precursor to visual see and work with to reverse aging, or face our demise. The shortening of our #telomeres is what causes our cells to age and our aging. But, the good news is we know some of the causes and can reverse aging by changing our lifestyle habits, which cause the telomeres to lengthen! What are some of the things that cause telomeres to shorten?
Unhealthy Diet, Chronic…