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When the Mind-Wanders It Causes UNHAPPINESS. I love this Ted Talk on What Makes Us Happy, because the fix is so simple: all we have to do is stay busy creating. Ideal time makes our mind wonder and makes us unhappy. It's not just us, it's the wondering mind. :) I noticed when I am editing my videos for my Youtube channel, time flies and I feel so happy. That is the time in my day that my mind stops wondering and focuses on the creation. I lose myself in the edit, or I like to look at it this way, I become my creation, one with it, the ultimate state of happiness. I welcome you to my Youtube Channel: Click Kelly Granite.

Thanks for being here! Love Kelly

How to Lose 7 Pounds in ONE WEEK! | How to Juice Fast

How to Lose 7 Pounds in ONE WEEK! | How to Juice Fast
Juice Fasting is also саllеd a detox or cleanse. This means drinking only juice made from fruit or vegetables, and organic if possible.
You can lose Seven Pounds in Seven Days, easy. You will lose most of the weight near the end of the seven days. I would suggest 5 to 8 juices and making sure you are getting a pound of leaves in them a day. Vary the leaves each day, and add wheatgrass shots if you can, from Jamba Juice or your local Whole Foods. You can also juice sprouts, which are the motherland of nutrients.
You can use a blender or Juicer, but I prefer a Juicer, the Breville Juicer.
 1. Juice Fasting will give your digestive system a break
2. The raw fresh juice will also give your 37 trillion cells an instant Nutritional Boost
3. The fast is also a detox, and removes metals from your body.
4. Regular fasting activates brain activity and reverses memory loss.
5. It will also improve your over all mood. (my favorite!)
6. Your hair and sk…

How to Improve Your Memory : 3 Foods that Boost Memory!

3 Foods that will improve your memory, through chlorophyll, which acts as a quantum transporter adding oxygen to the cellular functions of your body.  These three foods are "Broccoli Sprouts, Wheatgrass and Cruciferous Vegetables, like Kale." Chlorophyll acts as a blood purifier, an anti-inflammatory and it has a broad range of vitamin B. Decades of brain degeneration is shown to reverse, when you add large amounts of sprouts, wheatgrass and Cruciferous Vegetables to your diet. One great way to get these into our body is to juice them. Yes, you can juice "sprouts".  At the famous Hippocrates Health Instituted in Florida,  they use sprouts to heal. Instead of a salad bar, it's a sprout bar. All three of these foods will remove toxins and metals from the body. I believe the human body is more of an electromagnetic field than physical, which needs to be explored for greater self healing.

NOTE: Wheatgrass juice must be consumed with in 15 minutes of juicing for bes…

How to Increase Oxygen Levels in Your Cells, to Kill Cancer Cells & Prevent Them From Spreading.

Foods that increase Oxygen Levels in your Cells.
1. A Variety of Green Leaves ingested by Juicing allows your cells to get more oxygen. You must vary the greens to avoid too many of the same alkaloids. And Wheatgrass Shots are great, but not every single day, every couple of days a 2oz shots is ideal.

Raw Green Leaves contains chlorophyll, which have a similar molecular structure as hemoglobin. Chlorophyll increases hemoglobin production, meaning more oxygen gets to the cancer. Selenium and laetrile are also in wheatgrass, both are anticancer. Chlorophyll and selenium also help build the immune system. Furthermore, wheatgrass is one of the most alkaline foods known to mankind. Greens leaves and Wheatgrass, Sprouts, raw broccoli and other organic raw vegetables in juicer are the keys to raising the oxygen levels in your cells. 

Avoid Supplements, unless prescribed by the doctor. There are no FDA regulations on supplements. I even avoid all protein powders in drinks. There is another bene…

How Do You Reverse Karma?

There is no Karma, because time does not exist. The Present, Past and Future are “Simultaneously  Occurring.”  So, if there is no such thing as Karma, why do bad things happen in ones life?
First let me define Karma:
Karma is the law of moral causation. The theory of Karma is a fundamental doctrine in Buddhism. This belief was prevalent in India before the advent of the Buddha. Nevertheless, it was the Buddha who explained and formulated this doctrine in the complete form in which we have it today.
In this world nothing happens to a person that he does not for some reason or other deserve. Usually, men of ordinary intellect cannot comprehend the actual reason or reasons. The definite invisible cause or causes of the visible effect is not necessarily confined to the present life, they may be traced to a proximate or remote past birth.
According to Buddhism, this inequality is due not only to heredity, environment, "nature and nurture", but also to Karma. In other words, it is the…

How to Control Your Brain

By Kelly Granite The single most important thing I can do today is create thoughts that will bring about what I want to experience in my life and in the world. Each thought rushes out as an electromagnetic field or easier to imagine an "entity" and makes what I have projected, in experiences, emotions and even as physical events. Every thought creates in every probable direction in the unseen reality. So, which physical reality did I end up with? I always get what I believe would have happen, which is why I cannot allow myself to imagine the worse case scenario.
Here is an exert from a great book, "The Self Illusion" by Dr. Bruce M. Hood. It is the scientific explanation of the "Self" we think of as the voice in our head.
"Most of us believe that we possess a self - an internal individual who resides inside our bodies, making decisions, authoring actions and possessing free will. The feeling that a single, unified, enduring self inhabits the body - th…

What is Key to Happiness? My Answer

By Kelly Granite Enck
It has been a while since I have posted a blog and the reason is that I have found the key to happiness. 

"You get what you focus; on there is no other rule." ~ Jane Roberts
This quote seems simple, yet the depths of its implications are exhilarating. Each thought you have sets off a branch of probabilities, which continues in every direction. Every thought takes flight, like an entity creating its own reality. You don't see all of these probabilities existing, because they don't all materialize into physical matter. This does not mean that our thoughts do not live on, they do, in the unseen energy fields.

Can you imagine all our negative thoughts collecting into one wild storm with lightening and thunder crashing together.

What about the positive thoughts we have? They create too and with enough of us focusing on the same good emotions, we create together. When we book a trip through the Alaskan icy strait to watch whales leaping under the North…

Books Like "The Alchemist"

Peek inside...                           I went to The World Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco and heard a lecture on the Quantum Harmonic Oscillator— the sounds coming from everything in the universe. The room went dark and three pyramids projected on a large screen. "You can hear the sound of "nature" between the Pyramids of Giza," Dr. Susan Yale said, pausing, "It's a perfect F Sharp." No one moved. She spoke slowly, "If you knew there was a place in the world where you could hear God would you go?"
On my way home I stopped in a coffee shop and sitting at a large wooden table reading a book was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. I sat down next to him and within 10 minutes I had invited him to Egypt. Clink the link to continue reading my memoir—"From Hollywood to God"on Amazon and Kindle books.