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How to Live to 100, or beyond to become a "SUPER CENTENARIAN!"

Super-Centenarian a person who has lived to the age of 110 or More and this has only been achieved by 1000 people in our human history. Here are some of the things they had in common.

1.    Harvard Study: Being Lonely is worse, than
having a bad diet. Try Volunteer 2
hours a week and live where people respect those that live to 100!
2.    Add Seaweed to your diet.
3.    Drink mineral water running down from the mountains, or safe well water. Avoid
fluoride in city water.
4.   Exercise Daily
5.    Meditation lowers risk of cancer by ½, or Prayer.
6.    Play Mind Games to keep your brain sharp like cards, chess, and crossword puzzles.
7.   Breathe Deeply
8.   Get Married
9.   Don’t Dye Your Hair
10. Chew your food 30-60 times, and if in a prison, 150 to survive!
11.  Music in your home, releases endorphins. HUM or Sing in Shower
12.  Become Social, or get a DOG!
13. Laughing or what they call “INNER JOGGING”.
14. Eat 7 or 8 times more “organic” vegetables than Grass Fed Beef or Wild Fish. And only one or two pieces of fruit a day, because fruit has too much sugar. (Apricots, Berries and Cherries)
15. Green Tea Daily, when in Asia.
16. Eating WILD Fish from Cold Water: Fatty
Fish, like Wild Salmon, NOT Farm Fish!
17.  All these people groups over 110, the Super-Centenarian’s ate meat.
But, it was not from Animals eating processed foods, or in feedlots. These were
animals living in natural sunlight, eating bugs and grass. But, it’s the ratio,
eating tons and tons of vegetables! Meat, once a week.
18.  Compost your home garden; this adds more minerals to the soil.
19. Dairy: Goat or Sheep Cheese, Grass Fed Eggs
“weight baring chickens” not in cages, Raw Eggs, Clarified Butter, Goats Milk,
Sheep Milk, massive variety.
20.  Fermented foods, like Sauerkraut and Kefir, for Diverse Gut Bacteria.
21.  7-8 hours of sleep, even a nap if needed.
22. Change your genetics “give up all processed foods”, and man-made
supplements, and drink bone broth with marrow from grass fed beef.
23. “Healthy Bacteria” comes from healthy soil, playing with farm animals, and even playing in the mud. This gives “microbial diversity in intestinal health.” Pregnancy to age three should be spent with animals, eating from healthy soil and non-processed foods, and a full variety anti-inflammatory meals. In all things be thankful, don’t waste and trust the smallest cell in your left ear that “naturally” knows how to thrive!
24. Sleep 7 or 8 hours a night; take a nap if you feel like it.
25.  Get a Positive Attitude! Fall in Love with LIFE!
26.  No Process Foods Ever, No Sugar, and you’ll make to Super-Centenarian!
27.  Use “Olive Oil”
28.  If you need sugar in a recipe, try “Date Sugar”. Date Sugar is made from dehydrated, ground dates and is used as you would brown sugar.
29.   Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day.
30.  Simple Life: Get Lots of Friends and you won’t age!
31.  WILD TAKE AWAY, try Apricot Kernels (Prunus armeniaca) is the soft part inside the
seed of the apricot. It is said to be a good source of iron, potassium and
phosphorus, and one of the best sources of vitamin B17 (also known as amygdalin
and found in the seeds of fruits such as peaches, plums and apples. Also called
“apricot almonds” or “bitter almonds”, apricot kernels originated in Armenia
and are also native to Northern China, the Himalayans region and parts of Asia.
The Hanza eat these raw or ground into powder and sprinkled into curries,
soups, vegetables, fruit juice or cereal. There are two types of Apricot
kernels, bitter and sweet.  Sweet kernels
have a less overpowering taste, are better for snacking and have less
amygdalin, but it’s the bitter kernel that is renowned for its therapeutic
values. Bitter apricot kernels have been used as a cancer remedy in Russia
since 1845, and in the US since the 1920s. However, debate continues over its
effectiveness and toxicity. They have also long been used in Chinese medicine
for respiratory problems, indigestion, high blood pressure and arthritis.

THE PROS: Some researchers show that consuming large numbers of bitter kernels every day over your lifetime may ward off cancer and kill existing cancer.  B 17 is a unique compound that is believed to work with the immune system to fight malignant tumors. A reportedly non-toxic form is called laetrile and is a controversial treatment used in some cancer clinics around the world.  preliminary study by Kyung Hee University in Seoul,  Korea, in 2002 shows that amygdalin may initiate programmed cell death in human prostate cancer cells.
Another study
shows that amygdalin eases pain in rats. The Hunza people are considered living
proof of the health benefits of apricot kernels based in the remote Himalayan region
near West Pakistan, they are traditional apricot farmers and are believed to
consume 200 times more B 17 than Westerners do (about 30 to 50 apricot seeds a
day). The Hanza are also said to have low levels of cancer and high rates for
longevity. Food Standards Agency posted a health alert, claiming that consuming
20 to 30 kernels in a short period of time could result in cyanide poisoning
and death. However, cases of cyanide toxicity are rare. I think that if you do
not have the same diversity of bacterial that the Hunza people have you should
tread carefully with any wild new food. J
Soaking the bitter kernels in water is said to reduce the bitterness and levels
of amygdalin. I think I will try it!
32.  Get Lots of Friends, and Stay Positive!

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