How to Control Your Brain

By Kelly Granite
The single most important thing I can do today is create thoughts that will bring about what I want to experience in my life and in the world. Each thought rushes out as an electromagnetic field or easier to imagine an "entity" and makes what I have projected, in experiences, emotions and even as physical events. Every thought creates in every probable direction in the unseen reality. So, which physical reality did I end up with? I always get what I believe would have happen, which is why I cannot allow myself to imagine the worse case scenario.

Here is an exert from a great book, "The Self Illusion" by Dr. Bruce M. Hood. It is the scientific explanation of the "Self" we think of as the voice in our head.

"Most of us believe that we possess a self - an internal individual who resides inside our bodies, making decisions, authoring actions and possessing free will. The feeling that a single, unified, enduring self inhabits the body - the 'me' inside me - is compelling and inescapable. This is how we interact as a social animal and judge each other's actions and deeds. But that sovereignty of the self is increasingly under threat from science as our understanding of the brain advances. Rather than a single entity, the self is really a constellation of mechanisms and experiences that create the illusion of the internal you. We only emerge as a product of those around us as part of the different story -lines we inhabit from the cot to the grave. It is an every changing character, created by the brain to provide a coherent interface between the multitude of internal processes and the external world demands that require different selves."

Dr. Hood does a brilliant job helping us to let go of the "Hold We Have On Beliefs" in our head. We believe things based on our past experience or stories we have heard from others, but this does not mean it will happen again, unless you believe it will. Intense beliefs manifest in physical reality, you basically prove all your beliefs true, by your belief in them. Ugh! 

What is the fix, to get better events and a better life? Stop believing in anything you do not what to happen, don't run worse case scenarios. Take your attention off every negative thought. My husband's life is really good. Do you want to know what he says in his mind all time? He says silently and out loud all the time, "Proceed as if success is inevitable." Walla! it alway is for him.

All energy fields exist outside of time and space and are in a continuum. The past still exists as conscious energy and it is agile for change. You can go back in your mind and fix anything you did in the past and it will change your past, present and future, simultaneously.

To change any circumstances in your life try creating a FOCUS WHEEL!
Put in the center of it your goal. Around this focus wheel create spokes and on each spoke write down "Support" for your goal.  You have to work with the beliefs you have before you can change them. So, if you put something on the spoke that doesn't feel like you could really accomplish it, let it fly off and put another idea that feels more comfortable to you. (because you will not create what you do not believe is possible) The spokes have to be "believable" to you to work.

Focus Wheel Example
Once you have several spokes with support ideas listed, you are ready for a smooth ride towards your completed goal!

Now your are ready for it to be created faster! 
1. Draw your focus wheel, and then look for it to manifest, quickly!
Start looking for signs of these spokes as events, you have created.
Get Happy—this frequency creates happy events. Find a way to make yourself happy. Put your happiness first. Never sacrifice happiness for others, that will never create happiness in others.

What makes you happy, leave your list below....I would love to add to mine :)

Look at your focus wheel only once a day, then stop thinking about it. Your mind will play tricks on you and bring it up for you to doubt it. Laugh when this happens and gently brush these doubtful thoughts away. The Focus Wheel always works! 

Create a note book, and fill it up with Focus Wheels. You will be so surprise when looking back at your wheels, hardly believing you created all the events that lead to the completion of the goal.
Abundance is yours, like a sun to a flower. Do not limit your goals, or ideas for this lifetime.  You may not think there not enough time in life to met all your wildest dreams. But time does not exist and as you progress in creating amazing creations, you will discover there is always time. Globally, your happiness lifts the whole, of everything.

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