How to Increase Oxygen Levels in Your Cells, to Kill Cancer Cells & Prevent Them From Spreading.

Foods that increase Oxygen Levels in your Cells.
1. A Variety of Green Leaves ingested by Juicing allows your cells to get more oxygen. You must vary the greens to avoid too many of the same alkaloids. And Wheatgrass Shots are great, but not every single day, every couple of days a 2oz shots is ideal.

Raw Green Leaves contains chlorophyll, which have a similar molecular structure as hemoglobin. Chlorophyll increases hemoglobin production, meaning more oxygen gets to the cancer. Selenium and laetrile are also in wheatgrass, both are anticancer. Chlorophyll and selenium also help build the immune system. Furthermore, wheatgrass is one of the most alkaline foods known to mankind. Greens leaves and Wheatgrass, Sprouts, raw broccoli and other organic raw vegetables in juicer are the keys to raising the oxygen levels in your cells. 

Avoid Supplements, unless prescribed by the doctor. There are no FDA regulations on supplements. I even avoid all protein powders in drinks. There is another benefit to fighting off cancer cells, which comes as a benefit from eating a live food diet, or juicing. Scientist have discovered that cancer thrives in a cell with a low vibration or frequency, and this may be a precursor to cancer. If you can raise the level of oxygen in your cells and improve the cellular frequency, you may be able to kill cancer cells and prevent them from spreading.

The other method for adding oxygen into your cells is Hyperbaric chamber treatments where high pressure drives oxygen into cells. And the oxygen therapy where you breath oxygen while exercising on a treadmill, where the increased circulation from exercising carries the oxygen to more parts of your body. If you do not have the funds for this treatment, try a live food diet, and exercise starting today! Doctors are afraid of the raw food diet, by the time you have cancer, because they are afraid of contamination while your body is "so weak". This can be over come by making sure all your live produce is "ORGANIC" and washed extremely well, this includes washing your sprouts, wheatgrass before juicing it and washing all leaves very well. (I am not a doctor, so confirm with your doctor that this will fit with his/her protocol. Ideally we want to be on this diet before we get ill. If you are ill check with your doctor to see if you can try this diet with supervision at the famous Hippocrates Health Institute, in Florida. If I had cancer I would start here.

I am lucky to have found a diet that creates an experience in my body of "euphoria". I became a raw foodist in 2009, after hearing a lecture on the book, "Green for Life" by the author Victoria Boutenko.

This euphoric feeling does not go away, unless I go back to cooked foods. The raw food diet must be speeding up the frequency or vibration of my 37 Trillion cells. I have read that the human body is more of an electromagnetic field, than physical. And this faster, cleaner frequency is creating a better inner reality within me, that springs up a better physical reality. The events in my life get better and my over all view of the world and myself improves, beyond the average good day feeling, I feel euphoric!

I believe that this feeling on an inner nirvana is caused also caused by the live enzymes running through my cells, as well as the live diet creates an inner reality with less stored waste, and it is also more hydrated, and clean over all from toxins in all our dyes, processed foods and over loads of salt and other ingredients that murk up this "ideal state of being".

I have notice some raw foods throw me out of this euphoric state, like when I eat too many nuts, or nut butter or heavy raw treats, like raw chocolate, rich raw ingredient like cashews sauce from a raw restaurants.  I have a Raw Food Channel if anyone wants to get in touch or stay in touch with me and you can comment below to share your views with me and the community. I would hate for anyone to be out there, needed to feel good and not know this diet exists. It is very expensive to eat all live foods, but someone when you start feeling better on the inside the means to staying this way appears.
I will let you discover this on your own. It takes about 6 months of 100 percent raw diet to fulling become clean and get this wild experience. Then you can feel like this daily.

Kelly Granite is the name of my Youtube channel.

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