What is Key to Happiness? My Answer

By Kelly Granite Enck
It has been a while since I have posted a blog and the reason is that I have found the key to happiness. 

"You get what you focus; on there is no other rule." ~ Jane Roberts

This quote seems simple, yet the depths of its implications are exhilarating. Each thought you have sets off a branch of probabilities, which continues in every direction. Every thought takes flight, like an entity creating its own reality. You don't see all of these probabilities existing, because they don't all materialize into physical matter. This does not mean that our thoughts do not live on, they do, in the unseen energy fields.

Can you imagine all our negative thoughts collecting into one wild storm with lightening and thunder crashing together.

What about the positive thoughts we have? They create too and with enough of us focusing on the same good emotions, we create together. When we book a trip through the Alaskan icy strait to watch whales leaping under the Northern Lights, we collectively share this exhilarating moment and the whales feel it too. We often agree on experiences, the "masses" and these agreements shoot off probabilities that create our global experiences. The desert was once covered with ocean....

Illness and Physical Disasters are more complicated to explain.
An illness is our "dis-ease" for change. This answer may not be satisfying to those in the mist of heartache or sickness, yet when you see the opposite others who have rapid remarkable recoveries, defying all medical understandings from a change in thought, you can glimpse into the limitless probabilities that exist.

All judgement is "self judgement" which means I cannot explain anyone else's dream, imagination or belief, it's only the self that can search and find its own answers to what he/she has created, which is everything they are experiencing in life. Creation springs up from within, then becomes physical. Some thoughts and beliefs are picked up from the masses, from their experiences, but to be in that experience you had to agree with the thought, or disagree with it, either way you became part of that experience by your focus.

If we can pull further away from any event, we can see everything is created by the original thought to create. Creation is not done, all that is simultaneously creates together, both as one, and each of us individually. Each of us imagines something and that thought rushes off to go to work, the movement of everything in the universe is calculated by "intent" down to the smallest molecule. Every probability is created by every thought, allowing for a limitless probabilities.

Some times I am not thinking anything, but my emotions are negative, sad, scared, fearful or I have a feeling of not being enough, which creates more of the same feelings and experience, which validate that feeling. But, this belief is incorrect, because you cannot have a "feeling" prior to a "thought". I have work to do, which is to find the negative thought that is creating this feeling and replace it with a validating positive thought about myself and the world to create a better reality. One of the best fixes to this problem is this mantra, "I live in a safe universe."

All beliefs manifest reality, seen or unseen. Whatever you believe to be true, proves itself. Everything exists outside of time and space as consciousness, which continues after physical life. I cannot wait to visit other realms, where my friends can see my thoughts manifest instantly then disappear! (lol) Instant creations are like our dreams! There are "Masters" of consciousness who have left books as bread crumbs and when understood, we will expand our ability to create our ideal reality with deliberate intent, by mastering our focus. The key to great success is to master our "focus".

So, how can we use this information to experiment with and test it's hypothesis?
You can go back to any memory you have about your past and take a different road in consciousness (using your mind) for 15 minutes, then open your eyes and look around your physical reality and you will see new events occurring to correlate with the new path you took. You must expect the change, for you will get only what you expect. Your thoughts whatever they are will prove themselves to be true.

Earth appears to be still in a linear timeline, yet, everything in our universe is moving. The vibration of everything moving is unique down to each individual cell and molecule. The vibration of the universe is called "Harmonic Oscillator". Every particle, atom, electron, and molecule is striving for the best possible outcome set into a motion by it's intent.

You can go back in your mind to a time that you made a mistake in life and change that event "mentally"— which will simultaneously change your present, past and future.

We are more of an 'electromagnetic energy field', than physical body. Our thoughts create in both the physical and unseen realty, and then we experience it, as emotions and physical events. The accumulation of "all that is" is us, as a part of the whole field. The entire field experience the feelings of every part, because it is part of the the entire field. Like a drop of ocean in the ocean.

Physical reality looks stagnate, because it has been focused on in that way to allow us to play with our creations and learn to be better creators. Yet, everything created is agile. We can and do interact with everything we are creating.

Here is "powerful experiment" that you can try right now...to create "anything you want" faster in your physical reality. Close your eyes and build a city above where you are living. Give your city a name. Now, go to your city in your mind, high above the earth's atmosphere, above the earth's gravity and spend 15 minutes creating something in your life showing up, just the way you would like it to on earth. When completed look around your physical reality expecting it to have changed. Keep a journal each time you visit your quantum city and write down what you have created, and what shows up. It will happen fast and with such great exhilaration that you will forget about your city and your note book, until you mis-create and want to create something else instead.

When I am in the middle of a bad experience, I silently say to my self, I have created this, and now I would like it to show up this way instead, and then I want for it to change. It always shifts.

We often limit our creations, feeling greedy or thinking there is not enough to go around. But, this is a myth. Everything has the right to abundance, like the sun to a flower. :)

When things in your life are not the way you would like them, change your thoughts. Become a master of your mind, directing your thoughts like you are directing a movie, called your life.
Soon events will pop into your reality— validating your thoughts.

When I eat a healthy diet my tiniest "cell" thrives within me, as well as each of the 37.2 Trillion cells. The tiniest part, a single cell is felt by the the whole body, and my body is felt by the electromagnetic field which it is, and that is felt by a bigger field, the universe. It's even felt by the the un-manifested, which exists as a potential. (wow, that's a Rabbit Hole!)  It's the butterfly effect, all of life rushes in to assist with every intent, and without judgement. The question is what do you want to create?

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