How to Lose 7 Pounds in ONE WEEK! | How to Juice Fast

How to Lose 7 Pounds in ONE WEEK! | How to Juice Fast

Juice Fasting is also саllеd a detox or cleanse. This means drinking only juice made from fruit or vegetables, and organic if possible.

You can lose Seven Pounds in Seven Days, easy. You will lose most of the weight near the end of the seven days. I would suggest 5 to 8 juices and making sure you are getting a pound of leaves in them a day. Vary the leaves each day, and add wheatgrass shots if you can, from Jamba Juice or your local Whole Foods. You can also juice sprouts, which are the motherland of nutrients.

You can use a blender or Juicer, but I prefer a Juicer, the Breville Juicer.

 1. Juice Fasting will give your digestive system a break

2. The raw fresh juice will also give your 37 trillion cells an instant Nutritional Boost

3. The fast is also a detox, and removes metals from your body.

4. Regular fasting activates brain activity and reverses memory loss.

5. It will also improve your over all mood. (my favorite!)

6. Your hair and skin will improve.

7. And you will have more energy.

8. It is also a liver detox

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And I will post videos every day of it.

Good Luck!
Love Kelly Granite

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