Sunday, November 12, 2017

Longevity Secret 18 - Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

I have been wanting to share this secret for a long time, but first I had to get over the possibility of being a little embarrassed to talk about this subject. I am excited to share this AMAZING TIP for Men to Return to the age 21, by just drinking one pound of leaves a day! ENJOY! Kelly

Saturday, October 21, 2017

How to live to 100 Stress-Free! —"MASSIVE ACTION"

David and I have saved to buy a home in Doylestown Borough, in Pensylvania. We closed escrow with a plan to "remodel" the entire home to make it everything we could imagine for entertaining, a perfect flowing sexy home, and something fun to enjoy! But this price tag was growing....We hired the best architect in town and signed a contract for her to draw the schematic, which is a master plan for the addition. She had recently become very famous and we were last on her list which played out in our favor. You will see the dream home in this video....right now it's a cute little colonial home.

While waiting for our architect to start our drawings I started thinking about our life ...I imagined it into the future. Suddenly we had huge bills and less freedom. I sat in this future state. The house was amazing imagining it complete, but the bills were heavy on my emotions. David and I talked and we agreed to do a 180 and put the entire remodel funds into our home equity. 

I wanted to share this event with you because what I did not know about a remodel is that you do not get all your money out of it. We were told this by a top builder in our area. The 2 things you get back financially from an investment in your home is a new roof and new windows, and a 2 car garage. I have made a short film of our home in it you will see my addition taped on our home, an addition that is now pure imagination...I hope you like it.

The best way to look at a big plan in life is from the future, we often bring our fears into it and get exactly what we fear. But, if we slow down and plan a peaceful transition, then we may be surprised at what our pure imagination does when we are feeling emotionally balanced and free!! I read a book years ago titled, "LIFE OR DEBT" and I had almost forgotten the number one plan, become debt free for total freedom. I am back! :)

Love Kelly

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis

“I love people. I love my family, my children … but inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that's where you renew your springs that never dry up.” ~ Pearl S. Buck

Using hypnosis you can go back in time and defuse any negative emotion, therefore, changing your present, past, and future simultaneously for the better. We tend to think of using Hypnosis to fix something that we don't like, but it can also be used to "focus" on our best moments in life to create even better ones.

We play with Time in Hypnosis. In fact, hypnotherapy is the perfect place to experience time as a pliable event mover. I can take a client into a deep regression and they can find themselves back in the event of their earlier years, feeling that age and recalling that experience all over again. This is called quantum physics "timeless" reality. It states that time is an illusion created by the way our conscious mind experiences physical reality. We see time as events because we see change, but in fact, it goes in both directions, future and past. That concept is nearly impossible for us to grasp because we are seeing change. What I love about hypnosis is it allows you to play with time and affect it in the present moment point of power.

Recently, I took a client of mine back to the 3rd grade to help her recall a literature award that she won. This was a pivotal point in her life that had relatively no meaning to her, because the award was with someone a 3rd grader would not have known or cared much about. But, the adult who entered her in the writing contest knew how important this prize would be to her one day, when she was grown and had become an accomplished writer herself.

The prize was lunch with Pearl S. Buck the first women to win the Noble Prize in Literature and the Pulitzer Prize. The hypnosis session I took my client through was called " age regression" to recall this day. It took about 20 minutes to get her so relaxed that we could start to go back into time. Suddenly, she was there, feeling as if she was in the 3rd grade. She experienced herself on the bus heading to Pearl's farmhouse with a group of 8 other students from other schools in the area.

She recalled the lunch in perfect detail as if she were back in time. Pearl was wearing a blue dress with a white sweater. She had a bun in her hair. My client was sitting on the grass under a tree and Pearl was reading to her, with the eight other student gathered around them. Pearl's fingers were old and crooked on the pages, and her knees were showing as she sat on the ground reading to the children. My client a tiny third grader was pulling out the long grass from boredom, yet noticed the red barn on the property and the brown paper-bag lunches that they were given.

This day that had been forgotten until now, suddenly had new meaning to her as she recalled the significance of it, as she felt the feeling of being both a child and an adult at the same time. Her close friend the school Librarian had selected her book for the young authors contest knowing that one day she would understand this extraordinary gift...not only given to her, but one she had earned as a young talented writer herself. The story that she had written in the third grade which won her the contest was titled, "All Alone" and that was how she felt on the day she met Pearl S. Buck. Sometimes our past, present, and future, collide and a new exquisite moment is born. Hypnosis is a great tool to play with time to see what it has to tell us. This is proof that the past is alive and that all time simultaneously exists in the present.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Is the Universe Conscious? — Physicist Matloff says YES!

Photo from NASA
Physicist Gregory Matloff argues that a “proto-consciousness field” could extend through all of space. 

For centuries, modern science has been shrinking the gap between humans and the rest of the universe, from Isaac Newton showing that one set of laws applies equally to falling apples and orbiting moons to Carl Sagan intoning that “we are made of star stuff” — that the atoms of our bodies were literally forged in the nuclear furnaces of other stars.

Even in that context, Gregory Matloff’s ideas are shocking. The veteran physicist at New York City College of Technology recently published a paper arguing that humans may be like the rest of the universe in substance and in spirit. A “proto-consciousness field” could extend through all of space, he argues. Stars may be thinking entities that deliberately control their paths. Put more bluntly, the entire cosmos may be self-aware.

Matloff argues that panpsychism is too important to ignore.
“It’s all very speculative, but it’s something we can check and either validate or falsify,” he says.

Three decades ago, Penrose introduced a key element of panpsychism with his theory that consciousness is rooted in the statistical rules of quantum physics as they apply in the microscopic spaces between neurons in the brain.

In 2006, German physicist Bernard Haisch, known both for his studies of active stars and his openness to unorthodox science, took Penrose’s idea a big step further. Haisch proposed that the quantum fields that permeate all of empty space (the so-called "quantum vacuum") produce and transmit consciousness, which then emerges in any sufficiently complex system with energy flowing through it. And not just a brain, but potentially any physical structure. Intrigued, Matloff wondered if there was a way to take these squishy arguments and put them to an observational test.

One of the hallmarks of life is its ability to adjust its behavior in response to stimulus. Matloff began searching for astronomical objects that unexpectedly exhibit this behavior. Recently, he zeroed in on a little-studied anomaly in stellar motion known as Paranego’s Discontinuity. On average, cooler stars orbit our galaxy more quickly than do hotter ones. Most astronomers attribute the effect to interactions between stars and gas clouds throughout the galaxy. Matloff considered a different explanation. He noted that the anomaly appears in stars that are cool enough to have molecules in their atmospheres, which greatly increases their chemical complexity.

Matloff noted further that some stars appear to emit jets that point in only one direction, an unbalanced process that could cause a star to alter its motion. He wondered: Could this actually be a willful process? Is there any way to tell?

If Paranego’s Discontinuity is caused by specific conditions within the galaxy, it should vary from location to location. But if it is something intrinsic to the stars — as consciousness would be — it should be the same everywhere. Data from existing stellar catalogs seems to support the latter view, Matloff claims. Detailed results from the Gaia star-mapping space telescope, due in 2018, will provide a more stringent test.

Matloff is under no illusion that his colleagues will be convinced, but he remains upbeat: “Shouldn’t we at least be checking? Maybe we can move panpsychism from philosophy to observational astrophysics.”

"In principle, some purely physical systems that are not biological or organic may also be conscious.”

While Matloff looks out to the stars to verify panpsychism, Christof Koch looks at humans. In his view, the existence of widespread, ubiquitous consciousness is strongly tied to scientists’ current understanding of the neurological origins of the mind.

“The only dominant theory we have of consciousness says that it is associated with complexity — with a system’s ability to act upon its own state and determine its own fate,” Koch says. “Theory states that it could go down to very simple systems. In principle, some purely physical systems that are not biological or organic may also be conscious.”

Koch is inspired by integrated information theory, a hot topic among modern neuroscientists, which holds that consciousness is defined by the ability of a system to be influenced by its previous state and to influence its next state.

The human brain is just an extreme example of that process, Koch explains: “We are more complex, we have more self-awareness — well, some of us do — but other systems have awareness, too. We may share this property of experience, and that is what consciousness is: the ability to experience anything, from the most mundane to the most refined religious experience.”

Like Matloff, Koch and his colleagues are actively engaged in experimental tests of these ideas. One approach is to study brain-impaired patients to see if their information responses align with biological measures of their consciousness. Another approach, further off, is to wire the brains of two mice together and see how the integrated consciousness of the animals changes as the amount of information flowing between them is increased. At some point, according to integrated information theory, the two should merge into a single, larger information system. Eventually, it should be possible to run such experiments with humans, wiring their brains together to see if a new type of consciousness emerges.

Despite their seeming similarities, Koch is dubious of Matloff’s volitional stars. What is distinctive about living things, according to his theory, is not that they are alive but that they are complex. Although the sun is vastly bigger than a bacterium, from a mathematical perspective it is also vastly simpler. Koch allows that a star may have an internal life that allows it to “feel,” but whatever that feeling is, it is much less than the feeling of being an E. coli.

On the other hand, “even systems that we don’t consider animate could have a little bit of consciousness,” Koch says. “It is part and parcel of the physical.” From this perspective, the universe may not exactly be thinking, but it still has an internal experience intimately tied to our own.

“The only dominant theory we have of consciousness says that it is associated with complexity — with a system’s ability to act upon its own state and determine its own fate.”

Which brings us to Roger Penrose and his theories linking consciousness and quantum mechanics. He does not overtly identify himself as a panpsychist, but his argument that self-awareness and free will begin with quantum events in the brain inevitably links our minds with the cosmos. Penrose sums up this connection beautifully in his opus "The Road to Reality":

“The laws of physics produce complex systems, and these complex systems lead to consciousness, which then produces mathematics, which can then encode in a succinct and inspiring way the very underlying laws of physics that gave rise to it.”

Despite his towering stature as a physicist, Penrose has encountered resistance to his theory of consciousness. Oddly, his colleagues have been more accepting of the exotic, cosmic-consciousness implications of quantum mechanics. Ever since the 1920s, physicists have puzzled over the strangely privileged role of the observer in quantum theory. A particle exists in a fuzzy state of uncertainty…but only until it is observed. As soon as someone looks at it and takes its measurements, the particle seems to collapse into a definite location.

Warp Speed Won't Get Us To The Stars, But This Just Might
The late physicist John Wheeler concluded that the apparent oddity of quantum mechanics was built on an even grander and odder truth: that the universe as a whole festers in a state of uncertainty and snaps into clear, actual being when observed by a conscious being — that is, us.

“We are participators in bringing into being not only the near and here but the far away and long ago,” Wheeler said in 2006. He calls his interpretation the “participatory anthropic principle.” If he is correct, the universe is conscious, but in almost the opposite of the way that Matloff pictures it: Only through the acts of conscious minds does it truly exist at all.

It is hard to imagine how a scientist could put the participatory anthropic principle to an empirical test. There are no stars to monitor, and no brains to measure, to understand whether reality depends on the presence of consciousness. Even if it cannot be proven, the participatory anthropic principle extends the unifying agenda of modern science, powerfully evoking the sense of connectedness. 

This concept is not new, it was first introduced by Jane Robert's through what is known as the "Seth Material." Here is a snippet of this... The consciousness of atoms and molecules can be likened to the subconscious as you now know it, in that it is generalized to a large degree, but energy-propelled. You should perhaps realize by now that the inner self, the mind and its components, is composed or forms a unitary force field of its own. 

The subconscious is a radiation outward from the mental enclosure that can be considered as a nucleus. The conscious is the furthest reach, the outer radius of the primary field. Emanations from this field continue, traveling further, projecting energy that is transformed as you know into matter; and in a simplified version of your universe perceived in terms of such force fields, you would have seemingly endless atoms and molecules spinning about the nucleus, or an endless variety of such patterns that would appear on first appraisal random to an observer from another field.

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Longevity Secret 16 - Raw Food Diet Educator

Life is wonderful, and you really know this when you are playing Llama Golf!
Join David and I in North Carolina, where I share the facts about my Raw Food Diet!

Through Hypnotherapy-HypnosisSelf-HypnosisNLP and EFT tapping I can help you pull in your ideal reality from all the probabilities. My practice includes Skype/Phone Hypnosis and Live Hypnosis. Click the "BOOK NOW" button on my website to schedule your one-hour Hypnotherapy Session with me.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Skype Hypnosis to Rewrite Your Past? —Bizarre Quantum Experiment Says Yes!

By Ellie Zolfagharifard

Can the past be changed by the FUTURE? Bizarre quantum experiment suggests time can run backward

  • 1. Scientists probed the quantum mechanical properties of single particles
  • 2. The particles don't have a fixed state until they are observed by scientist
  • 3. Study found knowing future outcome of particle also changes initial state 
  • 4. They believe particles change their state due to scientist's knowledge
  • 5. This suggests that time could run both backwards and forwards
  • 6. If this proves true, it could mean that what we're doing now has been influenced by decisions made by a future version of us, the study claims

Your past influences your present which changes your future.
But if time were like space, shouldn't the future also influence the past and the present?
A remarkable new study suggests that it just might – and the evidence has been shown in the world of quantum mechanics. Scientists in the US have devised a series of new experiments to probe the quantum mechanical properties of single particles. These particles have a state that is not merely unknown, but totally undefined before it is measured. It is the act of measurement itself that forces the particle to collapse to a definite state - as evidenced in the infamous Schrödinger's cat thought experiment. 

Professor Kater Murch at Washington University has found that by knowing the future outcome of a particle, its state in the past is altered. Without knowing the information, the state is more likely to remain the same. In other words, knowing future events can change the past.
The theory follows another postulated by scientists back in December. They proposed that at the moment of the Big Bang (illustrated), a 'mirror universe' to our own was created that moves in the opposite direction through time - and intelligent beings in each one would perceive the other to be moving backwards

If this proves true in our 'classical' world, it would mean that what we're doing now has been influenced by the decision made by a future version of us.

The quantum state was detected by putting a circuit inside a microwave box.
A few microwave photons – or particles of light – were sent into the box, where their quantum fields interacted with the circuit. When the photons exited the box they had information about the quantum system. 'We start each run by putting the qubit in a superposition of the two states,' Professor Murch said. 'Then we do a strong measurement but hide the result, continuing to follow the system with weak measurements.' They then try to guess the hidden result, which is their version of the missing page of the murder mystery.

'Calculating forward, the probability of finding the system in a particular state, your odds of guessing right are only 50-50,' Murch said.

'But you can also calculate backward using something called an effect matrix. Just take all the equations and flip them around. They still work and you can just run the trajectory backward.
'So there's a backward-going trajectory and a forward-going trajectory and if we look at them both together and weight the information in both equally, we get something we call a hindsight prediction or 'retrodiction.'

The shattering thing about the retrodiction is that it is 90 percent accurate.
When the physicists check it against the stored measurement of the system's earlier, they state it is right nine times out of 10. This suggests that in the quantum world time runs both backward and forward whereas in the classical world it only runs forward. Professor Murch stated that it's as if you left your keys somewhere in the house, but couldn't remember where.

In the quantum world, they could exist in every room of the house simultaneously.
When you eventually find them in the kitchen, in the classical world it is clear that they were there all along, in the quantum world the uncertainty is intrinsic, but Profesor Murch was able to show that indeed hindsight can be applied to make a better guess about where they were in the past.

In the same way, the improved odds in the current experiment imply the measured quantum state somehow incorporates information from the future as well as the past.
And that might imply that time, notoriously an arrow in the classical world, is a double-headed arrow in the quantum world.
'It's not clear why in the real world, the world made up of many particles, time only goes forward and entropy always increases,' Professor Murch added.
'But many people are working on that problem and I expect it will be solved in a few years,' he said.

"We have all been on Future Voyages ....."  I heard Seth say, this week on cd recorded from a session with Jane Roberts. If you have read "The Nature of Personal Reality" like I have several times, then your mind is already on the posibilites of changing the past and future simultaneously.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

How to Get Happy? By Hypnotherapist Kelly Granite Enck

Our mind is the "unknown frontier" where few have gone. We see with our eyes the physical reality, but it has an equal reality that is unseen. The unseen reality has infinite probabilities which we can pull into our life using our minds.

When we focus on something we want in a relaxed state of hypnosis we can easily pull this ideal into our life. If we could slow down physical events... then we could see them FORM from our thoughts. The physical and the invisible realities are equal, yet we rarely "mentally" play with the unknown realities..... or what is termed probabilities.

I have a fun story to share about just such a playdate. I was heading to Egypt to listen for to the F-sharp sound of creation said to be heard between the Pyramids of Giza. They say nature has a sound the sound you hear if you go underwater swimming in the ocean.

I was single at this time and I was excited to hear the F-Sharp and see the Pyramids, but I did not want to go alone. So, I invited the sexiest man alive who was reading in a coffee shop in San Fanscisco to join me. I was not sure what was more amazing, that you could hear the sound of nature creating itself between the Pyramids or that he said yes to joining me!!

So, to make this event the most extraordinary of my life, I found a Hypnotherapist in the Marina to have a Hypnosis Session with to make sure that I had my mind clear on my outcome. This wild hypnotist was named White Tiger and he had a $1,200. sound-bed that vibrated to sounds. I laid on this sound bed and White Tiger put warm blankets over me. Then he placed headphones over my ears. I chose whale mating calls for my session and I closed my eyes listing to the whales making echoing sounds through the icy glaciers. I used this time to 'create' my ideal outcome in Egypt with this amazing man and the Pyramids. I went through the experience with as much joy and excitement as I could muster up, just thinking about the possibilities. When it was over, I could barely get my sea-legs as a stood up from the warm vibrating sound bed of dreams....

I arrived a week later to Egypt, checked into the Hyatt on the Nile, opened my hotel window and let the desert air and roaring river into the room. My friend arrived and it was as if my imagination had gone wild, everything was "magnified in beauty". It was the most extraordinary space of love and energy that I had ever imagined or experienced. Every... moment was extraordinary, from the greeting to our dinner, throughout the night, just as we fell asleep the front desk called and said our driver had arrived to take us to our camels, which we rode through Giza to the desert to see the Pyramids.
It was nothing short of otherworldly.... seeing these three giant Pyramids alone in the sand. The camels galloped to the proud ancient Pyramids, and we stopped to kiss between them as we listened for the sound of nature F Sharp. We heard nothing and laughed. The sound was too faint for our ears, but I could feel it in my heart, pure love. The sound of creation is not audible it's felt. The moment was so exquisite words could do it no justice. The camel guide asked if we were married and I said no. Then he asked my friend and he said, "If she will have me... "I will never forget this day as long as I live, it's alive within me. The date, the day and the giant pyramids are apart of my cellular makeup. Hypnosis takes your wildest dreams and gives it wings!

Through Hypnotherapy-HypnosisSelf-HypnosisNLP and EFT tapping I can help you pull in your ideal reality from infinite probabilities. My practice includes Skype/Phone Hypnosis and Live Hypnosis. Click the "BOOK NOW" button on my website  to schedule your one-hour Hypnotherapy Session with me.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Anti-Aging Foods

The secret to slowing down the aging process is to avoid toxins and eat live foods
When you give yourself one week of trying the raw food diet, which means eating anything you want and as much as you want, as long as it is living food. This includes raw trail mix, avocados, raw nuts, and raw cheese and sushi. When you make passed a week, it get's easier, and then all your cravings for carbs and sweets leave. But, the cool thing is you can still enjoy sweets, like raw chocolates. If you were looking for a way to feel better, sexier and happier, give the raw food diet a try.

Through Hypnotherapy-HypnosisSelf-HypnosisNLP and EFT tapping I can help you pull in your ideal reality from all the probabilities. My practice includes Skype/Phone Hypnosis and Live Hypnosis. Click the "BOOK NOW" button on my website  to schedule your one-hour Hypnotherapy Session with me.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

How To Remove Toxins From Your Body!

Most of us forget that our skin is porous, meaning that what we put on it goes into our bodies.
A simple fix to remove toxins is to only put things on your body that you would eat or drink. For example I use "Hemp Oil" from Whole Foods as moisturizer. My body is drinking my lotion, why not make it something organic and edible? Here are a few more other ideas to keep toxins out of your body. Play Movie.

Through Hypnotherapy-HypnosisSelf-HypnosisNLP and EFT tapping I can help you pull in your ideal reality from all the probabilities. My practice includes Skype/Phone Hypnosis and Live Hypnosis. Click the "BOOK NOW" button on my website  to schedule your one-hour Hypnotherapy Session with me.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The REAL Truth About Religion And Its Origins - MUST WATCH!

The facts are right here, standing in front of you, but "Change Management" is not easy to transition out of. Those that are invested in proving their religion right, might feel depressed when they first watch this movie. And 70 percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians, which is shocking when you discover that all religions are based on astronomy and mythology. 

Ten years ago, I sold everything, bought a backpack and went around the world to find God. I went to India, Israel, Bhutan, Charters Cathedral in France, Oxford University in England, and Egypt, not because I thought these were the only places to look for God, but I was told these places had the most holy sites in the world. One location stood out among the others, the Pyramids of Giza. Here I saw the etchings from 10,000 years ago, they were beautiful and to my surprise there was no good vs. evil theme.


Inside the Pyramids were cravings of rivers, birds, the "Eye of Horus", which translates in hieroglyphics "to make or do" or "one who does".  In Egyptian myth the eye was not the passive organ of sight but more an agent of action. Also, it is believed that the Pyramids were built using astronomy and mathematics to connect the architecture of the Pyramids to our solar system's— magnetic fields.

There were also individual statues inside the Pyramids of their friends and family, stone cravings in their likeness, each one individual. I loved being near them, so colorful and happy. While standing there, I had this revelation that the Egyptians were more evolved then we are today. There was no fear represented in their etchings of life or the hereafter.
There was a peaceful "river of fire" etching in the stone wall. It was symbolic of the transition from death to the after life. The river of fire was a purification. The symbols seemed to tell a story of leaving your mistakes behind and taking off into the beautiful wild unknown. I was told by a guide inside the Pyramid that the figures of the family and friends were there in case you forgot them, so you could find them again. Maybe they are all back there together again, invisible forms of energy that are hanging out watching us try to figure out the meaning of their artwork. :)
Egyptian Myth, The Lake of Fire (sound familiar)

One of the most amazing adventures I had in Egypt, along with riding a camel through the dessert to the Pyramids, was visiting the out door museum in Memphis Egypt. It was here that I touched the hand of Rameses II, (1279-1213 BCE), made of stone and holding a "Power Rod". The rod was bigger then me and Rameses was three stories high, but now lying on his back, because one of his legs was broken. The cylinder rods in his hands fascinated me. Their roots go back to the depths of time. They were used to harmonize the energy within the body, which was confirmed by independent studies of the effect of the cylinder rods carried out in the clinical bio-physics laboratory of the Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute in St Petersburg in 1995. 

During the experiment with the cylinder rods electroencephalograph (EEG) recordings were made registering changes in the bio-electric activity of the cerebral cortex. Although the rods were held for only five minutes, instruments recorded:
a smooth change in the bioelectric activity of the cerebral cortex
a reduction in asymmetry between the hemispheres in the rear section
the alpha-rhythm with a frequency of 10 Hz being more stable in all parts of the cerebral cortex (N.B. alpha waves are found only in humans!)
polymorphic beta activity growing in amplitude in all areas of the cerebral cortex
Let me explain in a different way the significance of what the electroencephalograph registered.

As far back as 1953, Walter Grey, who studied brain rhythms, suggested that the brain’s sensitivity to electrical influences could provide a link between the human being and some principle suffusing everything around us! It is important to note here that the length of the electromagnetic waves with alpha-rhythm frequency is very close to the circumference of the globe and the natural resonances of the Earth-ionosphere system, in which the length of the main resonance wave is close to the circumference of the Earth.

In 1960 Koenig and his collaborators noted the closeness between the main resonance frequency of the globe and human alpha rhythms.

Geometrically, the rods are also attuned to the main resonance - the planet’s own frequency of vibration. The rods on the human psycho-physical field and energy structure stimulates concentration on self-made internal images, intensifying the trance or meditative effect. Irina and Mikhail Kosh in Moscow have noted that a result of using the rods a synchronization of the two hemispheres is achieved, that is an evening-out of the potentials of the cortices of the left and right hemispheres. There is an effect of deeper and gentler immersion into the meditative state that corresponds to the theta rhythms. The person’s energy field remembers, as it were, the rhythms that arose while the rods were working and continues maintaining them for a period between 24 hours and several days. One of the main reasons why the rods were constructed by ancients is that they are the instruments for prophylaxis prevention of cancer.

The coolest aspect of energy is that it's alive and available to everything in the universe, seen and unseen. If you don't like an event in your past, imagine a new event and replace it. This will change your present, past and future simultaneously. Memory does not exist in the past, it exists in the present by remembering it. There is an unknown, unseen reality, and it's time to voyage into it with Science. 
Why do more people not question the volatility of Religion?

Do you remember the story of Galileo? Considered the father of modern science, Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) made major contributions to the fields of physics, astronomy, cosmology, mathematics and philosophy. He invented an improved telescope that let him observe and describe the moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, the phases of Venus, sunspots and the rugged lunar surface. His advocacy of a heliocentric universe (heliocentric meaning: sun is the central point of the Universe, which is false.) brought him before religious authorities in 1616 and again in 1633, when he was forced to recant and placed under house arrest for the rest of his life.
Valley of the Cranes, in Bhutan
Is Religion is holding us back from world peace and scientific exploration of the unseen reality, which energetically is equal to our physical reality. How can we study the Conscious Universe while we still play with the idea of a man in the sky that created us?

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Below is my memoir, think... "The Alchemist." Click link to read "From Hollywood to God'.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

How I Got Off All Medications for Ulcerative Colitis! : Lialda, Prednisone & Mesalamine!

 By Kelly Granite
Hypnosis works for Ulcerative Colitis.....whenever you feel stressed out, breath with your hand under your ribs until your breath fills your gut, all the way up to the upper gut. And drink weak mint tea with real mint leaves with every meal. I avoid alcohol, caffeine, and all complex carbs. I drank one cup of bone broth a day until I was well. If you are a vegetarian it's hard to imagine bone both, but it's the best thing for healing the gut from ulcers. 

 The Raw Food Diet did not work for me, while I was sick--it's too much roughage, but I returned to it slowly, after my ulcers had healed, which took one year, because the medication I was on Lialda, has a side effect of causing Ulcerative Colitis and the body becomes dependent on it, to create normal bowels.

 I am thankful to my doctors for getting an extremely bad condition last year, under control, with drugs. I was bleeding all the time, and could not get out of bed. The colonoscopy showed ulcers in my upper and lower intestines. I had an Extreme case of Ulcerous Colitis, and bloody diarrhea,and I was told from the Mayo Clinic doctors that I would never get well, and would be on drugs for the rest of my life.drugs 

 I got sick from my trip in 2007 to Egypt. I drank a street vender's mango slushy. Big Mistake! The bad bacteria worked its way into my gut and became a problem for me every few years after that.... When I ended up in the emergency room, and was given steroids I was able to get out of bed. Later I was weaned off steroids and given Lialda for life.  

At the beginning my doctors treated me with lots of steroids to stop the bleeding and diarrhea. Then they weaned me off steroids with 6, then 4 pills of Lialda a day, for life. Nine months later, I started lowering my dose of Lialda to 3 pills a day. But, if I had a symptom of urgency for a bowel movement, I would up the pills back to 4 a day. Then try to reduce the dose again back to 3 Lialda a day. After three months of this, I was able to handle 3 pills a day. 

 I moved to Pennsylvania and was referred to a famous doctor at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania at the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, Anna M. Buchner, MD, PhD. I told her my goal was to get off all medication and go back on my raw food diet. She told me that her very old patients sometime became well again, from Ulcerous Colitis. This was hope for me, in hypnosis it's what we call a "positive suggestion". I told her that I was down to only 3 Lialda pills a day. She told me the medication will not work with the dose below three pills a day. She said, if you are trying to get off the pills and feel an urgency, you need to take the full dose prescribed again, so that you do not slip backwards. Avoid slipping back she said firmly, it's harder to get under control if you slip back.

 I went home, and took 3 pills every-other-day, for a month, then "NO PILLS" one day! But, I felt strange, so the next day, I went back to 3 pills. This transition completely off Lialda for good, took me 3 weeks, right up to my Lialda prescription running out. The Pharmacy wanted me to pay out of pocket $1,200 dollars per month cost, to refill my Lialda! I was happy to tell him, I was off it, and to hold the bottle there, as an emergency.

 I called Doctor Buchner, MD, PhD and told her what I was doing. She suggested I use Mesalamine a Rectal Enema, when I felt an urgency, after stopping the Lialda. She called a prescription into the pharmacy for me.  
I was happy she did, because for the first 2 weeks off all Lialda, I used Mesalamine every night, to stop the strange feelings I was having because my body was not use to making it's own bowel moments firm on it's own.

 I used Mesalamine at night only for 2 months, as a transition of Lialda. I was really terrified, when I had a loose stool, because if it comes back my doctor said it would be harder to get back under control. I felt like I got worse, before I got better, but no blood, so I was hopeful. It took weeks to get a formed and normal bowel movement. 

 What helped was homemade— bone broth out of 'grass-fed cow knees", from Whole foods frozen section and organic chicken in it.

 At first it was disgusting boiling bones, because I was raw foodist. But, the animals saved my life.
I boiled the bones for 24 hours and then put the broth in the refrigerator, and the next morning took the fat off the top. I then boiled organic chicken in filtered water, after it was cooked added squash and then put the chicken and squash in with the broth and ate it twice a day, a large bowl.

 NO Potatoes, they are a complex carb and cause inflammation. I felt like I lived on organic chicken soup in bone broth, two large bowl every day for 3 months. I realized that my body needed the animal minerals from the bones, to heal the ulcerous, which my raw food diet could not give do. Also, the most important aspect of what made this work was taking 1 tablespoon of Psyllium mixed in distilled water Organic India, Whole Husk, Psyllium" first thing in the morning for harder stools. This was like the Magic Wand, for me! I read about this from others trying to get off medication for UC, Ulcerous Colitis. 

 During the transition off drugs, I slept a lot. I was lucky I had no job. Every time I got scared, that I was slipping backwards, I took a nap. I was severely depressed. The toxins from the gut inflammation were leaking into my blood. I focused on healing and breath through every stressful thought. I said, to my body, you know how to heal yourself. I performed self hypnosis, all the time, seeing myself 100 percent well, and releasing the fear.

 It has been 5 months and I am 100 percent free from all drugs. I used 2 boxes of Mesalamine to transition off Lialda, one each night. I have a box of Mesalamine in my suitcase, especially when I travel for an emergency. It is important to never slip back. If I feel a strange stomach sensation, like blooding, or acidic feeling, then I drink mint tea, bone broth and start breathing deeply to control stress. Nothing is more important than my health, without it, I am in bed unable to function. This was a big eye-opener to controlling my stress levels, and learning to trust my body. On the fourth month of being 100 percent well, I was able to go back on my raw food diet, full time, (see my Youtube channel: Kelly Granite for this diet after you are well) . I also workout an hour a day, spinning in a gym cycling class. Sweating like crazy the toxins out of my body was the key to my happiness coming back, at the same jovial state I had as a teenager! 

 I would suggest speaking to your doctor, before changing your prescribed medication. Ask your doctor for help, because getting off the medication for Ulcerative Colitis will be one of the biggest challenges of your life! And exciting one, once you are free from drugs!

I have been trained by the greatest Hypnotists in the world, and I will be opening "Doylestown Hypnosis" in September, both using in office hypnosis and Skype. My website will be up end of August,, or email me: if you want to learn how to use Hypnosis to help.

In Conclusion:
It took me 2 months to wean myself completely off the Ulcerative Colitis medication. I went from Prednisone the very first two months a year ago, to 4 Lialda for a year, to 3 Lialda every other day, then took 3 Lialda every 3 days, until I stopped Lialda all together. After I stopped Lialda, I used Mesalamine as a safety net for the first 3 weeks, one at night. I have not used any drugs for 5 months and I feel very confident this is controlled now by my self hypnosis, and diet. I am now 100 percent Raw, live organic foods, but do not do this until you are well for months, because the raw food diet, will not work if you are not 100 percent well.

 I also used the diet from Breaking the Vicious Cycle, book to get off medication. And I still take 1 table spoon, mixed in distilled water of the brand: "Organic India, Whole Husk, Psyllium" first thing in the morning for a firm stool. I will gradually get off this, in another 6 months to a year. During the transition off medication, I would make tea with fresh organic turmeric root for inflammation, which is the natural remedy replacement of Lialda. Do not use turmeric pills, these do not work.

 Doctors do not know what causes Ulcerous Colitis. They think it's caused by bacteria which is aggravated by stress. The condition can get worse if you are not on a program. Please seek medical advice if you have any symptoms like described. I am not a medical doctor, I am becoming a certified Hypnotherapist, and work with Doctors to help you.

My GI doctor said, something very interesting, "Ulcerative Colitis went away completely in some of my older patients." Wow, I thought, what does that mean? Did they stop worrying...., which is a characteristic of the very old. The good news is that we don't have to wait to get old for all symptoms to go away, if we practice deep breathing and self hypnosis. 

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My Doctor: Anna M. Buchner, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Attending Physician, Penn Medicine at Radnor
Attending Physician, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
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Saturday, April 29, 2017

LONGEVITY SECRET #2 - Want to Live Longer? Get Some Friends

“A 2006 University of California study of three thousand women with breast cancer found that those with a large network of friends were four times as likely to survive as women with sparser social connections."

This is my first of 100 Secrets to Longevity!
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"In 2007 Steve Cole and his team at UCLA discovered that social contact switches on and off the genes that regulate our immune response to cancer and the rate of tumor growth."

This is a classic example of epigenetic - the science that shows that, just as important as the genes you were born with, are the changes that happen in your biology based on the behavioral habits you adopt and the environment you put yourself in.

John Cacioppo from University of Chicago reports that 20-40% of older adults feel lonely.
You have to connect deeply with other humans or your brain's alarm system will go off.
“Loneliness drives up the cortisol and blood pressure levels that damage the internal organs.”

In Susan Pinker's new book, The Village Effect,  she found, "Several remote Sardinian villages are the only places in the world where men live nearly as long as women. Everywhere else there is a gender gap in lifespan of about five to seven years. These Italian Mountain villages are also home to an astonishingly high number of centenarians of both sexes: proportionally, six times as many hundred-plus-year-olds as in any modern city (in some of the villages the ratio is ten to one)." If we make it to 90, we might want to move here, because they say old age sex is great here! :)

Through Hypnotherapy-HypnosisSelf-HypnosisNLP and EFT tapping I can help you pull in your ideal reality from all the probabilities. My practice includes Skype/Phone Hypnosis and Live Hypnosis. Click the "BOOK NOW" button on my website to schedule your one-hour Hypnotherapy Session for $100.

LONGEVITY SECRET #1 — Dress the Age You Want To Feel!

I had this huge realization that if I dressed the age I wanted to feel, my brain would believe this...
So, I experimented with dressing the way I did at age 30. And guess what I felt 30! But, what surprised me the most was that others saw me as younger, and interacted with me with more excitement and interest. Is it possible, that the idea of "Dressing Like a Mature" woman is aging us?

Through Hypnotherapy-HypnosisSelf-HypnosisNLP and EFT tapping I can help you pull in your ideal reality from all the probabilities. My practice includes Skype/Phone Hypnosis and Live Hypnosis. Click the "BOOK NOW" button on my website to schedule your one-hour Hypnotherapy Session with me.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

My day with John Singer Sargent!

I just returned from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where it was hard for me to pull away from staring at John Singer Sargent's painting titled, Mrs. Fiske Warren and Her Daughter Rachel (1903).  I had seen the Portrait of Madame X at the Metropolitan Museum of Art., but I had no idea that his most famous painting had nearly destroyed his career. Sargent had painted the strap of her dress falling off her shoulder, which became a scandal of the time.

When I returned home I read more about Sargent's life, after seeing more of his paintings in Isabella Stewart Gardner's Museum, her Boston Villa. Sargent loved her so much, that even though he had given up painting oil portraits, he painted her. And on her death bed, he painted her a second time in white like a saint. I truly love the way he sees women, soft, gentle and beautiful. Above is my tribute to Jon Singer Sargent , play movie.

Try Hypnosis to Open the channels of love to create with your innate freedom! 
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

What is a Mono Meal Diet & What are the Benefits?

What is a Mono Meal & What are the Benefits of Eating Mono? 
  1. Eating mono allows the body to find it’s natural point of satiation.  It triggers the satiety signals in the body and prevents overeating.
  2. Eating mono prevents addiction to stimulation, which comes from sampling a variety of tastes.
  3. Eating a mono meal, is easy to digest, which makes this style of eating one of the best for detoxing the body from metals and disease. Each food needs a specific enzyme to digest and when you eat a variety, it complicates digestion and slows it down.
How to eat Mono
The quantity of fruit will vary from person to person.  2 Avocados, my be a perfect meal-size one person, but 3 or 4 for another. 5 oranges may work for one person, but 3 another.
You’ll know that you’ve eaten enough of one type of fruit for a meal when…
a)    You get clear signals towards the end of the meal that you’ve had enough.
b)   You feel satiated for 3 to 5 hours after that meal.
Eat when ever you are hungry and only raw fruits and vegetables, if possible. You can still intimated fast and turn on your "restoration gene" and eat mono meals after. All you do is skip breakfast for the fast period.

Play my video above to see what I ate on my mono meal.
Conclusion – It might seem like a strange a way to eat at first, and you’ll probably get some odd looks, but after trying it it’s pretty hard to go back.  When you experience the lightness, mental clarity and exuberance that just eating one fruit per meal brings, you’ll want to do it again and again. If you try it leave your comment below.

Through Hypnotherapy-HypnosisSelf-HypnosisNLP and EFT tapping I can help you pull in your ideal reality from all the probabilities. My practice includes Skype/Phone Hypnosis and Live Hypnosis. Click the "BOOK NOW" button on my website  to schedule your one-hour Hypnotherapy Session with me.